Friday, July 13, 2007

pictury update

i'm bored and i'm sick.. got a terrible flu and sorethroat..
i din go to school today and here i am sitting in front of the computer.
not going tuition later but have to go to church tonight cuz some speaker is comin.
do hope i get better soon...

; do pray for me! =] loads of <3!
and here are some random pictures from my phone..
<3's each and everyone of u!
; yannie lil sis n me. my camera is always full when i'm with her!

; my bestie n me.. we always have fun together! =]

; hannah wong my accountable partner! ephraim's crazy cell leaders! "supa siao 1 and 2"

; charis my darling sister and me! we still have to go and eat our choc mud pie together! =]

; MAMA FROG!!! charismaaa.. =] + sarah hanis = muhibbah

oh yea yesterday was report card day but my parents din wan to go and take it.
so smart of them. they expect me to become my own parent. hahahs!

and oh yea pls do forgive me if now a days my words jus don come out right..

being a lil vulgar these days.. i have no idea why?

so pls forgive me yea!!! and i was having this convo with my mom :

[nicole was playing her comp but den clicked d wrong button]
nicole : OMG! WHAT THE.......
mom : [looks at her]
nicole : WHAT?

hahahahahahaha!! thx god i din say dat word out k. or my tongue will be chopped off!

guess wad? u will never believe how clumsy / forgetful i got again! hahaha!!!

i forgot to bring my bag to school? well not my school bag but my another bag with all my books inside. omg. cuz i packed my bag d night b4 and there were too many books to bring so i separate it into 2 bags. my school bag had only my big fat bio and add maths book while d other bag had d rest..

in d morning as usual i was very sleepy and tired! so when my aunty came i went to school.. and while walking across d bridge! i had realise dat i forgot to bring my other bag to school! hahahahahaha!!!! it was so funny when i went to school and told my friends. LOLs!

so pls don be like me and forget to bring ya bag! always check b4 leaving for school. hahahaha!!!

okay dat's all bout my update today. tata!

; i love my sunnies.. =]

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