Wednesday, July 11, 2007

harry potter FAN__*

all the screaming fans, waiting in line jus to get the movie tickets, placing order for the books..

and guess wad! it's finally been released here in malaysia.


;` yippesss! *jumps for joy*

let's say i'm jus excited over it. hahahs! well wad do u expect i have NEVER MISSED any of the shows before. =] i am i've been watching them on tv since me n them were young. i'm like so addicted to the show!

i still remember when i was young after watchin d first show : the sorcerer stone! omg it was one of d best shows ever cuz they were so young n CUTE! i remembered all d spells and always pretend i was one of them and telling my mom all d spells! hahahs.. and i used chopsticks as my wand. LOLs! can't blame me i was young and imaginative. haha.

; at the premier! they're so old now!

so today my mom wanted to go watch but d show she wanted to go watch was at 12 midnight? how in d right mind m i going to follow her there and come home at 2??? hahahas! so she booked tickets for me n my dad only. hhmmphhhhs* oh well den i had to go collect the tickets for her ma. so i taut of going to watch too since i'll be going there! =] so faster called woan shing to teman me and yea! we made it for d 4.45 p.m show. to my suprise the cinema was not fully booked?

so reached there bought the tickets went window shopping! seriously there are so many things to buy! hahas! den went to eat secret recepi and off to the cinema to watch one of my favourite movies!

**It's a MUST SEE movie. dat's for sure!!!!


so here i leave u with pictures of the movie! =]

; "dumbledore's army!" hahahs!!

; the trio's

; the weasley family. ` fred . ginny . george . ron =]

; OMG! he kissed her in d movie?! hahahs! loves;

so now i introduce u to the 's / cast's of the movie.

; Harry Potter ; Ron Weasley ; Hermione Granger

; Luna Lovegood ; Cho Chang ; Ginny Weasley

; Sirius Black ; Dolores Umbridge ; Lucius Malfoy

so there ya go! =] happy dat i got to watch d show d first day it came out!

still waiting to go and watch transformers.

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