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Of School ; Friends ; The Beach; Sleepover ; Food

okays i'm finally not so lazy to update bout jocelyn's birthday... =]
well i had a blast last saturday spending quality time with my girls.

; the girls!

we had replacement school and also gotong-royong which was terribleeee!! we already did our gotong-royong in march and they're making us do it again. swt .. so this time i had to help my teacher clean the oh-so-yucky pusat sumber.. well as usual me miss useful helped around. but i was so lazy and only decided to clean d fan! hahaha. EASY JOB! and after recess we had to continue studying... but who in the world studies on saturday in school? well definitely not d humans in 4 Terampil. =]

during BM period we had no class to go in and poor us had to stay in d science garden. den my teacher came n wanted to teach but we didn't let her. we gave her loads of excuses like "too tired la" , "no energy to study la" , "LAZY LA" , "no mood to take out d book" and all that la! hahahaha. so teacher also hear us until pening and she started telling us stories.
and florence lim "SS" on that day too. hahaha.
; btw "SS" means SYIOK SENDIRI

and then it was time for Physics and my teacher said if there are more than 20 students he will teach and summore dat day so many humans came to school... but then we really had no mood for physics d.. so we decided to trick my teacher. LOLS.

my teacher always comes in and d first thing he does is to asked joyce for the attendance.. and he will usually count the number of humans in class on saturday. and we were thinking when he counts a few of us will stand up. den after he finishes counting d one squatting will stand and the one standing will squat and then he has to count again. hahaha! get it?
so then we numbered ourselves "1 , 2 , 1 , 2 , 1 , 2 " and when "mama FROG ; charisma" clap once d no 1's stand den clap twice d no 2's stand. haahha..
so we were practicing and practicing. hahahahahaha.

; we call her "mama FROG" cuz we were all really like FROGS k. and she was d head! LMAO

as we were practing suddenly my friend from in front shouted "SIR SIR SIR!!!!!!" and we all were like "HUH? wad sir? where got" and d ppl in front started screaming and when we turned behind it was our teacher looking at US! hahahahaha. and all of us den started screaming and bent down. hahaha!!
den my teacher came in and asked "what were u all trying to do har" and den we asked him to go out again cuz we got presentation for him.. hahahaha... =] so he went out and went to do his things. den we practice again n played hang man while waiting for our sir. my friend smart d standing at d door this time. hahaha. den when she told us sir comin everybody went down.. and charisma suppose to clap ma. den when sir came in she stared clapping and nobody stood up except for regina and laura! hahahahahahaha!!!! i wasn't sure whether she was clapping not cuz jocelyn din stand up! LOLS
it was d BEST Saturday ever in school

den i came back home ate lunch, bathe and all that n time to go for my chemistry tuition. i always loved my chemistry tuition so dat's y i don complain dat much. oh yea and that girl ain't sitting with me anymore! ` wheee! she shifted behind. pity my friends. hahaha..

came home , bathe , dressed up went to fetch janice and off to gurney we went to meet up with jocelyn, woan shing, simone and michelle... well i was only there for a few minutes cuz we already had to go back to d apartment if we wanted to go to d beach..

; miss nosiy and me. <3's

; i look like a GHOST! so white.. yerrr

and i finally gotta meet up with my darling sister and d guy from india. =]

then jocelyn's mummy took us back home and b4 that we went to buy summore food for d party. and we were all so stuffy behind in d car.. 5 squashed pineapple's.. but we still managed to bervain-vain. hahaha! :)

; ur gonna see loads of pictures with me and her!

; aisheh! din know my hands were so long. hahaha!

; and since after dat everybody was busy eating i was busy cam-whoring myself.

finally reached d apartment. well it was way up in batu feringghi there la. kenot remember the name la! haha.. so we reached d place vain again!!!

; when vainty strikes___*
; in the room

; in the living room.

after being satisfied with our pictures changed clothes den head to the BEACH! ` wheee! my paradise i've been longing to go to since i dunno when...

; a moment of vanity b4 leaving..

so we played and took loads of pictures! hahaha. enjoy them... and d waves were super HUGE!

; these were d CRAZY ppl whom i spent my day with

; my paradise! ooohhhh. the lovely sun set

; i'm FREE.. ` wheeee

; random pictures at the BEACH

; my dear gal and me!

; hahahas! janice hand not long enough like mine! so everybody wasn't in the picture!

; we were here!

; SIAU-NESS! sitting on wet sand. yucks

; look beyond what u SEE!

; LOVE the picture and them too ler.

; all of us! but i look horrible here! hahaha.

; ajaran SESAT!

; GOD's wonderful creation! i love.

; don ask me wad were we trying to do. hahaha.

; we were ALL WET after d stupid waves hit us.

; my feet in d sand feels like heaven..

; my last picture b4 i left d beach!

after getting WET and WET we finally decided to head home as it was already getting late. and b4 dat we went to wash our slippers in d sea cuz it was filled with sand. and then suddenly simone screamed! she so smart dunno how to wash slippers until it floated away. thx god d waves brought it back.. den it was michelle's and janice's turn! hahaha! so funny wei. and after i saw wad happened i told woan shing not to put d slippers near d sea d. she summore so stubborn don wan to listen to me and d same thing happened again. LMAO! summore not her slippers k. it was jocelyn's slippers.

; there she goes trying to rescue her slippers. LOLs

and guess wad while walking back suddenly i had "muscle cramp"! DAMN PAIN WEI! i couldn't walk for a while. so cacated one k.. and i walked with one leg back to d apartments. summore had to cross road. ishkk.

after dat we all were so HUNGRY! so we ATE, ATE, ATE and ATE! so yummies k d tom yam bihun! so much food ler. and after eating we went inside d room and started having our girls talk ; vaining ; ki-siauing!

; this was d mini room we stayed in.

; d founders of princess JJJ's

; BORING! =)

; big googely eyes. lols!

; she.vain's.solo.again!

; me, the birthday gal, d noisy gal


; jocelyn and janice

; michelle and woan shing

; simone and myself! =]

suddenly michelle ki siaued!!!!!!! and then she entertained us. hahaha. it was so funny wei. pictures to show u proof wad she did!

; bumble bee mich
; tyring to be a SAMI
; beggar?
hahahahahahas! she really can become actress d wei.

so after dat only me and woan shing slept over and the rest went home around 12 smth. so we had our girl talk for a while but we were jus too tired to continue and went to sleep..
i slept with jocelyn on d floor with one small matress and dat skinny woan shing slept alone on d bed! not fair! cuz we all don wan to sleep with her.. hahahaha.
and at night i fell into the hole. jocelyn la! push me den summore come so near me. morning i saw her so near to me summore so hard to push her i jus screamed in her ear. "JOCELYN MOVE LA!"

; the lazy us!

so we got up and then went home around 1-ish and SLEPT the whole afternoon. hahaha.

; d colours are so nice.

in conclusion :


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