Thursday, July 05, 2007

GEMPADAH, anti-dadah campaign

so yea today we got to SKIP school to go for d stupid thing.

; pictures form my phone. =]

oh yea first things first : today was my sister's birthday.


` u will enjoy being sixteen like i have for 7 months now! hahaha. wow din noe i was so old already. swt!

; love this picture of her! <3's

okays so a few of us shared money n bought for her a birthday cake.. her favourite tira-miss-YOU! hahaha. eh all d way from secret recepi k. don play play. so yea i reached school n was trying to hide d stupid cake which is so big from her...
den my friend la. come n say u hide ah she for sure can see one. den whne she asked me to pass to her. she let go of one of d paper bag string n d cake slided to one side! LOLS! poor cake.. hahahaha. =]

so after dat we reached there around 9-ish. n we as usual started vaining cuz our presentation only started at 11.00! ishkk.. and i had to bring d cake every where. ma huan only k. actually we wanted to wait to go back to school to cut her cake. but then again we decided to celebrate it there!

; the of the day.

; her lovely cake! sweet sixteen. =]
; look at d cake's position. hahahaha!! POOR cake!

and then while wating we started vaining.

; xu jen n me! d noisiest girl in class!

; ai wei n me. d quietest girl in class! seriously.

; we were so darn bored! hear d lady talk nonsense in front.

and yea after that i checked my blood pressure since it was for free n my height n weight. oh yea i GREW WEI!!!!!! by 2 cm!! hahahahahaahahah. at least...
and according to d nurse i'm NORMAL! `phewsss.
then suddenly, they announced it's our turn to perform and we didnt even wear our shoes yet. Wrong timing. hahaha.

and yea we had to sing "NEGARAKU!" omg!! so darn memalukan k!!!
we are choral speakers n not a choir for gudness sake..
u should hear us man! very the keng! LOLS.
it was so HOT on d stage dat i actually wanted to take my shirt n wipe my sweat d. but i scared my teacher scold so i tried to bare with it. haha.

after that they gave us food to eat n we started our vaining session again.. hahaha..

; ade n me...

; this is me d "tham chiak po" hahahas!!

; we wanted to take pictures with d stars pula become our face nia! hahaha.

; 2nd attempt. at least boleh nampak itu star sikit. LOLS

; the TAN clan. my sisters from another mother.
; crayn TAN . tiffany TAN . adelene TAN
; regina TAN . nicole TAN

and then after that time to go home! ` wheee! FINALLY! hahahs. u noe summore we all wear baju kurung so damn hot in it. n finally got to d bus where there was air cond! YAYS!
and in d bus as usual we were so so NOISY!
can u imagine how nosiy is our class dat we have to see for 5 days in a WEEK! omg d noise!
but u have to bare with it ler. hahahs!
and after dat we again started our vaining sessions.
[ don worry there won't be anymore]

; tiffany n me. sowi ter-cut ya face. haha!

; wei shian ki hiau! let go her hair! hahaha

and so after that we got back to school and we wanted to give puan Lim jocelyn's birthday cake. hahaha. and to my suprise when i opened it... it ended up like dat!

; this is d WORSE cake i've ever seen wei! my money. ishk ishk..

and it's so darn unfair dat florence got her new camrea! SONY T100. i'm so damn jealous. hhmpsss!! but we vained alot with it today. hahahs! pictures with her. =]

; her baby! =] ur so lucky wei! hahahs.

and we vained ALOT with jocelyn's baby too. hahahaha. it's so fun wei. i LOVE her cam too. SONY T20. u lucky gals. =]

; it was filled with my face! haha.

and this is my FUTURE baby! hahaha... soon my dear u and me will be together!
my RED BABY ; SONY T100.

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