Sunday, July 22, 2007


first things first! =] my oh-so-kind mom bought for me :

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

; love it! gonna find out d ending SOON! hahaha =]

so be thankful dat u all don't have to buy it for me for my christmas present d. haha.

and btw i din but it for RM 109.90 k. i d smart one went to tesco and bought it which only cost RM 69.90... smart eh? thx god i din order d book...

okays there's been loads happening these past few weeks. so here's where i leave u with pictures..

note to ya'll : i haven't been taking pictures for a few weeks now. dat's y i past few post does not have my face! hahahaha. =]

MGS Concert

it's was ermmmmsssssss?? no comments.haha. me n zhu lian only went. n guess wad we taught it was in MGS school n when we reached there we were like "EH?! y so empty one? no cars? and it's already like 7.30?" mana tau zhu lian called her friend and said dat it was in masyarakat penyayang! ishkkk!!

; too bad we were bored!

; my other half!

Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix

the first day of the show which i went with woan shing. hahaha. won't want to repeat myself. go read my previous post if ya wan to noe all bout it. haha.

; this is was we ate! sowi was ter-ate it d! hahaha

; guess wad? the chips make out my name! =]

Su Quin's SWEET Sixteen

one word : BLUR

examples :

"suuuuu quiiinnnnnn! where is the FORK?"
* and it was only beside d spoons. hahaha!! *

"actually i kenw where was d fork but i'm not sure whether it was a fork or not"

"ehhhhhhh!! how to poke the chicken?"
"come let me do it! i'm an expert!"

; all those who went! d blur people. especially audelia choo!

and zhu lian's saying that day was :

"ehhh!! y are there 3 asses in front of my faceeeee? moveeee it!!!!"

; yes we were playing twister. i was spinning d thing

; su lin showing off that she can do break dancing as well! LOLS

Saturday Youth

i have nothing to say bout youth but will jus leave u with pictures of mostly me n joyce who were bored and had nothing to do.

; me as usual taking pictures in d car!

; and this is wad we made them do in youth! hahaha.

; we tried so hard taking them but it somehow didn't work! haha

; omg! wad is she doing? hahaha.

; "*scratches head* wad is she thinking about?"

; "joyceeeeeeee!!! pls have mercy! don hit me ler! i noe ur jealous dat i'm smarter!" hahaha

; nyahahahaha! "shorty like mineeee"

; mirror picture

; it clearly states that NO SHOES are allowed! =]

okays gotta get back to reading my book! so "chi kek" man!! hahaha...

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