Friday, July 27, 2007


a picturey update

my baby niece finally arrived on the 15th July 2007.. so i guess i'm really an aunt now. her name's angeline btw.. i really hope to see her soon!! this gives me a reason to go to sydney now. hahahaha. =]

; my dad's side family..

meanwhile all the pictures are from my one day camp i had in school.. remember? if ya don't go back to my JUNE post and read all about it.

; see i told u she checked my bag! ishkk.

; and after checking everybody's bag from my group they managed to find these! PENCURI'S

after check in was the general assembly.. and again they didn't believe that they had finish curi-ing the handphone's so they check AGAIN! alamak... and even worse two of them came to me! i very kuai one k. hahaha. =]

see these two humans trying to MERABA-RABA me. hahah!

; madeline khaw!- pembuli yang terbesar!

; alyn tan! - my oh-so-good senior

and the we had our morning exercise. as u noe we all sleepy heads n lazy bums need them exercise!

; i was so blur k! don even noe wad was everybody doing. summore stand in front! haha.

after dat we had breakfast , singing session which in the end started to rain. LOLS! after d rain had cleared off. we started so sing again! =] but luckily it didn't rain this time. haha.

; my sporting group.. <3's!>

after dat ikatan session, marching, den LUNCH! den after we got our energy from the food it was time for pioneering.. which i didn't plan anything at all.

so as the result :

; this is was came out! it's supposed to be a multi-purpose thingy.

; see even yi lin has to hold it cuz it was going to topple over. haha. memalukan!

after that embarrassing moment, it was finally time to get down n dirty. the most wonderful part of the camp is of course CABARAN!

; mirror image! hahaha! this is were we learned our new various dance steps, and to addition to that it's FREE! =]

; yup dat's me during mud crawl! disgusting i noe. they BULLY me. wad to do.

; my lovely TRINITY + the UL

; swamp monsters! trinity candid..

and here are some of the games.. lazy to post up the rest. haha..

; rearrange ; the passing balloon game ; human pyramid in mud!

u noe how difficult was it for us to bathe. NEVER in my life have i bathe under a paip. ishkk! so yerrrr... to make things worse we were all covered in MUD... and after dat my group had to clean the stinking toilet. omg!! hahaha..

well nwy's i was looking forward to BBQ Night cuz i was so darn HUNGRY! =]

; shared BBQ pitt with inner vision..

; this shows u proof that they acutally cired! but it was really sad ler.. last year k.

; oh n this is wad we do during free dance. LOLS...

yup so dat is all d pictures i can post up now. actually i have a CD full of em' but i'm to lazy to wait! hahaha. n i've finished my harry potter book. the ending was errmmmm'? well go read it yourself. i don wan to become a book spoiler? is there such thing.. hahah..

; loads of loveeeee!

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