Tuesday, July 31, 2007


i would like to announce something here!


well i'm looking forward and not looking forward towards it..

1. it's exam season again. ` oh goshhh.. means studying

2. there will be a one week holiday.

3. time to get busy as d end of the year is coming

4. help in the Fun and Fiesta in my school tho i'm not going - doing the Horror and Fantasy House.. if all goes as plan it will be nice! =]

* btw detalis are as listed for d big event happening in my school :
Date : 19 August 2007
Venue : CGL
Time : 8.30 - 2.30 p.m
[do try to come k.. and if ya'll wan tickets pls buy from me. :D]

and not to forget the MAJOR EVENT dat's happing this month which i've been waiting for since last year :

Badminton World Championships

i'll be leaving for kl on the 17th right after school with Jocelyn n her grandma by bus. and when we reach there, going to her aunt house which we will be staying in to eat BBQ.. and the afternoon of to Bukit Jalil Stadium to catch the semi-finals and the next day the finals.. will be in kl for 5 days.. going to miss my bed but oh well.. will try to visit my aunt and force her to take me out. hahaha!

will update more bout this when i actually go there! hahaha.

and oh yes i'm addicted to harry potter again...

oh my gudness! pls get this obsession out of me..

well after watcing all d movies i'm into reading the books now.. and i read it till really late at night.. and the best thing is i'm reading it BACKWARDS! ahahahaha!!!

i'm now currently at the sixth book still.. well going to finish soonnnnnn!!

until then i shall not bore u with anymore of my rambalings..

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