Saturday, August 04, 2007

birthday shoutouts

hey my faithful blog readers! i'm back with yet another post.

she's leaving on a jet plane, don't know when she'll be back again

okays i'm totally crapping. i'm not leaving on a JET PLANE and i'm coming back this sunday! so don't miss me! hahaha. =]

yes i need to relax my mind and take d weekends off! hahaha..

well it's my mom's staff retreat but me, my dad, my bro n his fren shall also tag along.. =] we're going to PANGKOR.. i can't wait to :

* burry my feet into the soft sand,
* laze around in the swimming pool
* vain like nobody's business,
* go to the beach......

will update more when i come back. there will be pictures! hahaha.. =]

and on other matters, here are a few birthday shoutout's!

first of all to my :

dear niece ; Sharon Leow Hsin Yuek!

; thx for all those gr8 times we spent together
; thx for all your wonderful art works
; thx for d crazy moments
; thx for ur smile and laughter
; thx for ur noisy-ness at times
; thx for the times we vained together!
; thx for being who your are

and next up to my :

dear lady ; Evelyn Wong!

; i miss u loads n i noe u miss me too. haha!
; keep staying b-e-a-u-ti-ful and pretty!
; miss those moments when were were together having fun
; thx for all your crazy-ness and bubbly-ness!
; thx for all your laughter!

dat's all for my update today..
until i come backkk... byess!!

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