Thursday, August 16, 2007

she's back!

first thing's first... did u all miss me? =] or well at least miss reading my posts?

if you don't, u may leave my blog now! TQ. haha!

to start things off about my pangkor trip.. well there's nothing much bout it since it was only one day. all i did was eat, swim, play in d beach, spot hot "ang mo's"! hahahaha!! it's so a girl thing.. so girls don't deny it! =]
and i din really take much pictures as there was no time.. so i'll jus show u somw of them.

; pictures taken in d hotel room while my mom and dad went out and bro n friend when swimming.

; and this is the oh-so-beautiful beach! LOVELY!

; and there were these funny "balls" of sand on the beach made by those tiny little crabs. weird!

; after taking pictures i went to swim in d back! it's so freaking clean! damn` y don't they have beaches like that here! the waves were huge too!

; SUNSET! one of d most beautiful time of d day!

; i jus loved this picture so much! god is really WONDERFUL!


had my 2nd term exams on monday to wednesday! it was such a pain in d A-S-S!

d best part was we all still could laugh after doing the papers.. not because they were easy but because of d stupid answers we wrote! =]

MORAL : Nyatakan Tarian Tradisional kaum-kaum berikut.

India - auditionSEA [some kind of internet game]
Kadazan - Dance Dance Revolution

omg!!! den i said should have jus write para-para sakura la!!! hahahahaahah!!!

and physic and add maths was d "BEST" d la i can say. almost half the paper everybody dunno how to do! sometime teacher's never use their brains and think about us whether we can do or not...

oh yea and while doing chemistry exam , the primary really had no BRAINS at all!! really stupid man they all!

* while doing the paper...*

together, together, together everyone. together, together come on let's have some fun!........WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, ONCE WE KNOW........

nicole : WTH! *sings in own head the tune while trying to write answer*

aiyoyo!! i kenot think d summore they go play d song.. stupiddddd!!! and even worse i was singing to it! thx god my paper i din write "we're all in this together" hahaha!!!


i'm such a busy lady u noe! now dat my exams are over. event's that are coming up are :
  • trip down to KL for d WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2007
  • CGL Fun and Fiesta - pls go n support la! bagi muka sikit la.
  • dance practiceeee! ` wheeee
  • High School Musical - MY SCHOOL ROCKS auditions!
  • HOLIDAYS!!!!!!
oh yes do come and support my team for our auditions! damnnnn scared lah!

Date : 21 st August 2007
Venue : Komtar Dome
Time : 10 smth i think! i also dunno! hahaha

and today i was in d bilik masakan being KEPO and became a taster for d ice blended they're doing for d food fair! and then d prefect were chopping onions!!!


dat's all for now people!

btw my legs/feet are killing me!!! too much of dance practice for one day. thx god no blue black's yet! another day at school tomorrow! swt.

;nicole tan__*

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