Tuesday, August 21, 2007

World Championships 07`


Friday, 17 August
- After school went home to bathe and change and then jocelyn came to fetch me and off we went to the bus stop. took Nice 2 there.. i slept almost d whole way and jocelyn couldn't stop talking! it's either she's eating or talking.. hahaha! so we reached there around 7 smth and jocelyn's uncle came to fetch us back.. and for dinner we had BBQ! yummies` but so sad my tummy wasn't feeling well dat night.. den went to bathe and watch badminton! dat time our malaysian' pair Koo Kien Kiet and Tan Boon Heong was playing with a japanese pair Shuichi/Shintaro.. and they LOST! ishkk. meng-geram-kan only watching it..
bed time was funny! hahaha.. we were sleeping in d hall on d sofa bed and taught it was not going to be cold since there was no air cond but only a stand fan in front of us.. and in d middle of d night i was shivering like mad!!! so freaking cold until i woke jocelyn up and told her i was very cold.. and we snuggled up together! hahaha!! until her grandma woke up to bring us a blanket.. LOLS..

Saturday, 18 August
We humans were supposed to get up at 7 smth but knowing us girls! we only got up at 9 smth. hahaha!! den after dat we went to MID VALLEY for a while. got to eat burger king. but no i din get to do any shopping. no time. after we walked for a while went to meet up with jocelyn's dad to take us to bukit jalil stadium!!! to watch the SEMI FINALS!

; the ticket.. can u image i had to pay RM 106 to go for 2 days! hahaha.. but it was worth it

and when we reached there guess who we saw?! xie xingfang, cai yun, chen jin n fu haifeng walking down d hill!! OMG! me n jocelyn were so shocked!!! to actually see them in person! and they are super tall!! wad a waste we din take picture with them.. cuz we were so shocked until dunno wad to do.. hahaha.

and when we walked in d stadium.. we were late.. the mixed double's match already started.. there were two courts playing and we sat on d right side one as u walk in.. all d pictures were all d match which i watched! =]

* name in colours means they won! tq

; China - Xie ZhongBo and Zhang YaWen
Indonesia - Nova Widianto and Liyana Natsir

Women's Singles
; China - Zhu Lin
China - Lu Lan

and then suddenly my sayang - Lee Yong Dae walked out to string his racket! haha!! so damn entau.. he's mine. so hands OFF HIM!


Men's Singles
; China - Lin Dan
China- - Bao ChunLai

you noe it's really so different when u actually watch it LIVE den on TV! and i really admit dat Lin Dan is relly really GOOD! jus look at how fast he gets up and how he smashes! KENG! *thumbs up* for him!

Men's Doubles
; Indonesia - Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan
Malaysia - Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah

after dat was d Women's Doubles which i had to go to the toilet!!! and guess wad.. it was all full so i had to wait outside and suddenly we all saw BAO CHUN LAI and XIE ZHONGBO walking out.. omg!!! hahahaha.. they are tall.

; he went to buy shirt

; jocelyn's sayang! we had a gr8 experience with him!!

; and we also saw MR KKK! =]

and then we went to eat dinner and back home. hahaha.. it was tiring.. and at night me n jocelyn were trying to find our faces in the TV! LOLS

Sunday, 19 August
- i'm not going to talk much d but here are d pictures of today!
it was the FINALS!

; in the house before leaving!

; go CHINA! wearing yellow.. their team colour

; ready for another gr8 experience

; VAIN 205

; this was d view of d china team from my place.. stupid camera! click d image to see who are d people! i've circled those i know

Women's Singles
; China - Zhu Lin
Hong Kong - Wang Chen

; we saw Zhang Ning and Lu Lan waiting to take their prize too!

; d Winners!

Men's Singles
; China - Lin Dan
Indonesia - Sony Dwi Kuncoro

; this is wad i did when i din dare to watch Lin Dan's match!

; awww! so sweet! team matess!!

; and suddenly CAI YUN cameee!! omg he's good lookingggg!!!

; d winners.. another 3 China win.

; this is d SWEETEST thinggggg!!!! ;loves

Women's Doubles
; China - Zhang Jiewen and Yang Wei
- Gao Ling and Huang Sui

Men's Doubles
; Indonesia - Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan
Korea - Lee Yong Dae and Jung Jae Sung

and the me n jocelyn went on our SECRET MISSION!!!!!! this was d greatest experince we ever had!!! here are d pictures from our secret mission..

; while we were walking we saw this.. so y not? since i din get to see gade or taufik?

; my brother and me! i <3's>

; there was suppose to be an autograph sesion with him and zhu lin but they wanted to go back to the hotel and left everybody with this! =]

; WHEE!!! me n d JAPANESE pair who got 3rd!

; MY SAYANG training.. don disturb him or else i will..... hahaha.

; my sayang is in front.. yeng-ness!! i got to see him so close up.

; Us with d WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!! bangga* Zhang Jiewen and Yang Wei

; and ta da.. it was d only autograph i got.. she was so kind to sign it for me!! and she used my pen! =]

; and here's miss friendly being interview! notice her smile even tho she lost both matches!

; my favourite China player! seriously... she's so sporting!! me n jocelyn have an interesting story behind this pic.. hahaha!! ask if u must.. =]

so here u are!! bout my badminton experience!
dat's all.. wanna noe more do ask me..
i've got loads more stories to tell..
but it will always be me n jocelyn's secret mission!

; she.loves.you!

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