Friday, August 24, 2007

my favourite sport

BADMINTON rocks her world

jocelyn i noe ur so agreeing with me
! =]
we are total badminton freaks.. and we will love this sport forever..

; China Website.. COOL-ness!

first of all i'm updating this cuz i'm so bored and i'm so in with badmiton! so if ya'll don like my post i'm so sorry! there's always d "X" button. TQ!

and now, i've got some news..

u noe right after d Finals on Sunday, d China players went back to their hotel and after dat guess wad? they went to KLIA airport to go home? this is really so fast man.. but so sad for them their plane was delayed for 4 hours! aiyo kesian them man. stay in d airport for so long.. and so "ngam" jocelyn's uncle was going to Japan too.. and he met them in d airport! omg!!!!! we should have gone to d airport and teman-ed them!!

; this is in KLIA!! Fu HaiFeng : some japanese guy : CAI YUN! : Bao ChunLai

oh yea and when we went for our secret mission we heard Zhang Jiewen talking to her dear Choong Tan Fook dat she was going back to d hotel to bathe first.. well we think it's him.. cuz she was talking in cantonese and y in d world would she tell her team mates who were waiting in d bus she's going back to d hotel to bathe first!
GOSH she's so sweet to him! during his match she was at d side there supporting him.

i was day dreaming and this thing suddenly popped into my mind :

don't u guys/girls realise dat badminton is d only sport with loads of handsome and pretty players... let me list some of them down for u. haha!

her handsome DUDES

Lee Yong Dae - Korea

Cai Yun - China

Lin Dan - China

Fu HaiFeng - China

Tan Boon Heong - Malaysia

Bao ChunLai - China

her pretty BABES

Xie XingFang - China

Zhang Ning - China

Zhang Jiewen - China

Gao Ling - China

Huang Sui - China

** there are more but i'm too lazy to post them up!

hahaha!! most of them are from China.. well it's true! and i can tell u d China badminton players are really vain! haha.. like me!

and now i would like to share with u some of d pictures of my favouritest people! it's not too late to click d "X" button if ur not a fan of badminton! hahaha.. seriously i mean it!

; the sweeeet couple training together

; one of my all time favourite picture!

; she loves dogs and so do i!

; my sister-in-law.. lmao.. self declaration! damn pretty!

; my oh-so-good-looking brother! dat' s y xie xingfang can like him!

; hahaha! he's so funny! he's trying to teach d dog how to shake hand! LOLS

; introducing the dancing duo! hahaha!!

; d best men's doubles players!! Yeng-ness!

; this is another one of my sayang! he takes really good pictures! trust me!

; my sister!! haha.. =] always smiling too!! love her sweet smile!

; tada! MR choong tan fook's girl!

; my first sayang!! d only person i like from korea! haha.

; "smelly smelly" but i admit dat he looks good in this picture and also when u actually see him in person!

; HAHAHAHA!!! they danced for their CNY celebration thing last year.. i have d video and everytime me n jocelyn watch it we will laugh like mad.. this year my brother decided to sing instead! =]

and last of them all i would like to share is :

; Wong Choon Han's wife i b-e-a-u-tiful BABY GIRL! so cuteeee!

okays dat's all i have for today! hope ya'll enjoyed it..
till i return in my next post.. hahaha..
; nicole.tan__*

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