Friday, August 31, 2007

my new friends

new F.R.I.E.N.D.S :]

after the World Badminton Championships 2007, i've made new friends.. and the joy of making new friends is great.. a big thank you to badminton central and friendster! haha.. :]

i realise that these ppl have a passion for badminton as much as i do.. talking to them is great and fun as we share d same interest.. and they've taken loads of pictures with all d badminton players.. and guess wad? we're d same again.. WE DON'T HAVE A PASS TO GO IN! but they still did manage to take d pictures.. i really salute them man!
  • this is Mei Yen from Penang but now she's currently in KL studying her F6..
; yes she's with my sayang! handsome eh?!
  • and this is Winnie also known as Siew Boon who is from KL studying in UTAR..
; with my brother.. this is d BUS STATION! i remember cuz i was here! haha.. and look at him he's wearing his own face on his shirt! :]
  • and finally Hui Shan from Perak and she's way older than me! haha..
; this is so unfair! everybody keeps taking pictures with my sayang! haha. at least he has a lot of fans! :]

that's all d people i've met and actually talked to so far.. i'm really glad that all these people LOVE badminton as much as me n jocelyn do.. haha..

to u girls : i hope to meet ya'll soon.. give me a call when u come down to Penang or i'll call u when i go down to KL.. :]
  • mei yen when u come down we can go "jalan-jalan cari makan" haha!!
don be suprise dat i'm still not yet over badminton.. haha! u noe everyday me n jocelyn in school will talk about it.. ever since before school holidays we were already talking about it and how excited we were! haha..

and here is to you people who didn't see ME on TV.

; well me n jocelyn could see ourselves when we watched d repeat cuz we knew excatly where we were sitting.. this was during d semi's.. haha! bao chunlai and lin dan's match.

; this brave friend of mine : mei yen went to ask my sayang for his shirt.. and he actually gave it to her! i'm so going to ask next time.. mei yen remember not to wash it! haha

; ta da!! another handsome picture of him
and his partner Jung Jae Sung.. ahhh so good looking my gosh.. even my mom want's him.. but NO! he is mine! haha!!

and finally , u know during the whole holidays i was practically with jocelyn the whole time! haha..
  • Friday : went to KL with her
  • Monday : sleepover at my place
  • Tuesday : at my house
  • Wednesday : BBQ steamboat dinner
  • Thursday : RUSH HOUR 3!
i started from last Friday until the next Thursday.. dat means i saw her like d WHOLE week! hahaha.. and we talked d whole week i tell u.. even if we din see each other we would call each other and talk about u noe wad la.. haha..

we girls can really talk.. until our mom's scolded us ; " see each other so many times also not enough ah? still must call and talk to each other!" too bad mummy! i'm a girl n dat's my job.. haha!

; this is wad i do when i'm bored in physics tuition.. no wonder my physics sucks! haha

and not forgetting our country has reached its 50th Birthday..


-thank you Malaysia..-

; nicole tan__*

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