Thursday, September 20, 2007

Japan Open 07 & Pro-Musica

i'm just updating so when i come to my blog i don't have to see my old post anymore.. it's getting bored! haha..

well my final term exams are coming.. it's d same time as d PMR.. swt case eh.. everybody was asking "y so early one?" d answer my teacher gave us is "because we all don't want you form 4's to make noise while d F3's are doing their exams"

then they better NOT make noise when we're continuing our exams d next week.. or not we're gonna CHOP them into pieces man..

oh yea i went for d PRO MUSICA thing last wednesday.. it's not that i wanted to go but it's because i had Ranger's duty - Ushering.. well it was ermmm.. hectic.. so many ppl coming in at once but only 8 of us doing it.. and some ppl started asking me weird questions and i just smiled at them.. hahaha.. n i also got so confused in saying "good evening ma'am/sir" i started saying "GOOD MORNING" ..

; sharon here u are! my rangers uniform! zhu lian's messy room!

and d funniest thing is that, my friend thila can't stand hearing ppl sing soprano! haha.. u should she her face and actions.. we were more entertained with her than d show k..
  • oh yea since we were on duty when d show started we could go sit any where we like.. so we d smart one's sat at d RM 150 place! hahaha.
  • my mom also called me to tell me bout d tsunami warning.. n i told her if got tsunami ah.. i will be d first to die man! so near d beach! hahaha.. just kidding!
back to thila.. so after we sat at d RM 150 place where all d "snobbish" ppl sit d show started.. as soon as d person started singing.. thila couldn't control herself and started laughing like a stupid person! well not loudly la! and all of us started laughing too. we were trying so hard to keep out laughter but suddenly thila let go a bit! omg! den d person behind looked at us and we faster ran to d other side! hahaha..

on other matters,

; this is wad i was waiting for since d WC ended..

but i was so disappointed with it.. especially d China players... most of d top players went out in d early rounds. these are a few of d major disappointments of d tournaments.

First Round :
  • Zhu Lin [newly crowned WS world Champion 07] lost to yip pui yin [HK]
  • Bao ChunLai lost to Boonsak [Thailand]..
Second Round :
  • Cai Yun & Fu HaiFeng [World No.1] lost to Denmark
  • Jung Jae Sung & Lee Yong Dae lost to Japan
  • Choong Tan Fook & Lee Wan Wah lost to Singapore
  • Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong [World no. 2] lost to Indonesia
Quarter Finals :
  • Zhang Ning [World No.1] lost to Tine Rasmussen [Denmark]
Semi Finals :
  • Lin Dan [World No. 1 & MS World Champion] lost to Lee Chong Wei [Malaysia]
  • Gao Ling & Huang Sui [World No.2] lost to Zhao Tingting & Yu Yang [China]
Finals :
`` i'll let the pictures do the talking from here! =]

; Gao Ling & Zheng Bo [World No.1] won Nova Widianto and Lilyana Natsir [newly crowned XD world champions 07 -Indonesia]
&& this is so cute! they lost to them in d WC but won them here again!

; Lee Chong Wei [World No. 4] won Taufik Hidayat [Olympic Champion - Indonesia]
&& this is cacat! hahaha.. i was supporting taufik.. ishk!

; Tine Rasmussen [Denmark] won Xie XingFang [World No.2 - China]

; Zhang JieWen & Yang Wei [World No.3 & WD world champions] won Zhao Tingting and Yu Yang [China]
&& even though they split for some time they make d gr8 pair now!

; Tony Gunawan & Chandra Wijaya [World No.4] won Luluk Hadiyanto & Yulianto Chandra [Indonesia]
&& after all d major upsets.. i'm so glad they won!

now all i can do is wait until my exams finish and watch badminton again! hahaha..

; my sayang!! he's so cute la!!

; nicole tan __*

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