Sunday, September 09, 2007


hey you people.. i'm sorry to say dat my obsession over badminton has not yet ended! haha..

well jus bare with me la.. i'm so so sorry k!

jus a few random stuff i would like to share with ya'll.. i really have nothing to update about.. so whatever dat comes to my mind i will write it.. so it's about total nonsense! ok? [:

first, here a video for ya'll to watch! haha!

Women's Singles Team Dance in 07 Spring Festival

; this time it features Xie XingFang , Zhu Lin , Lu Lan and Wang Lin... dat's who i noe of la! go spot them yourself.. well if u dunno who are they den so sad for u! [:
they choreographed it themselves! haha!!

; i was amused bout wad i did to my hair! lmao

jus taught i shared something stupid / funny here.. this things i do i will never forget them.. haha..

do u know me n zhu lian ALWAYS misinterpret each other! it's happened a lot of times d.. but these are d famous 2 dat i will never forget! hahaha..
  • SCENE NO. 1
* during Bm tuition last year*

Nicole : Eh, where to buy green pants one?
Zhu Lian : go STABILO buy la?!

Nicole : HUH?!
wad stabilo? i ask u GREEN PANTS la!
Zhu Lian : hahahaha!! i taught u asked GREEN PENS!

LMAO! this was really funny k.. hahaha!! every time i wear my green pants now i remember d stupid thing she told me.. go stabilo and buy!
  • SCENE NO. 2
* it happened today on d way back from tuition *

some song by rain was playing dat time

Zhu Lian : Rain isit?
Nicole : oh
RAINING isit?!
Zhu Lian : *looks blur-ly at me*.. huh? i'm asking u d singer Rain isit? not it's raining!!
Nicole : oh! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

stupid eh? she la! never ask ppl proper question one.. and summore it was going to rain! hahaha!! n we laughed almost all d way home k..

; ppl say i look younger? wad do u think. haha

and oh yes! Japan Open 2007 is starting this monday.. i can't wait to watch badminton again!

and on monday, September 11th is my sayang's birthday! so here's an early birthday shoutout to him :

*well eventhough he's like NOT reading this.. i'm a kind person! dat's y i'm posting this up. haha..*

; wish him all the best in his upcoming events and future! and he better win for me man! haha

and i hope he remembers me when i go for next year Malaysian Open! haha.. as d "silly girl who keeps trying to take a picture of him while warming up!" hahaha!!

according to jocelyn he was staring at me.. cuz i was standing there like a stupid fool k! trying to get his pic.. but d prob was i din dare to ask him cuz his match was next and his coach was there! haha..

; my hair DOESN'T seem to grow! it's so irritating!

and as usual here are some pictures! hahaha.. couldn't be bothered typing anymore! my hands are tired and eyes are sleepy!

oh yea talking bout my eye, do pray for it! while i was in bed my stupid right eye started itching so as usual i scratched it and a part of my skin came out! *OUCHH* so now my eye is cacated.. d skin is growing back but it's so painn!!

; see don't they look good? i took it from my magazine.. haha! lame i noe.. this is when they won d 2006 WC.. wad happy moments!

; pig tails! dat's y i have d pig there! haha..

; hey to those who wan to have wavy hair! try this! after washing your hair, braid your hair into how many u want, bun up d braids and blow dry it! den leave it for a while and *ta da* it's wavy! hahaha..

and to those ppl taking PMR, study hard k.. will be praying for ya'll! <3's

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