Saturday, November 10, 2007

i`m so bored.

first, first, first...
u gotta see this oh-so-cute picture of my crazy brother.. haha

; he wasn`t even in the national team yet.
- so young . so silly . yet so cute

here`s a brief update bout my yesterday..
i really had a good time fei-lo-shipping with pastor victor, aunty rama, joyce, judson and jesher.. we did a lot of eating and laughing our asses off..
hint : pastor isn`t so innocent after all..
the food was just so delicious words cannot describe them.. haha..

after that andrew came to fetch us to gurney.. a special TQ. [will buy u summore twisties with my paper money].. walked around and came home with a MAC makeover.

; don`t worry, i`m not used to seeing myself in it too.

; the place to chill is for sure coffee been..
- and my new fav drink is : Mocha Ice Blended

; bought joyce a pair of sunnies for her birthday present.

; we did have a good time.

and now i`m like totally dying of boredness..
pastor was my live saver and took me for badminton this morning..
i can`t believe that i had to wake up early on a friday during d holidays.
in addition there is no badminton on tv for like 2 more weeks

but i really thank god for pictures,
` sweetest couple award : Lin Dan & Xie XingFang

; guess after they retire they can play mixed doubles!
- note : she says he is the one that is bad in doubles not her cuz she was an ex doubles player! haha..

; Promo for the Doha Asian Games.

my current obsession now is watching :
`ghost whisperer!!

my friend lent me the whole of season 2 and i jus became a couch potato again.
i could jus watch it for hours.. i`ve finish watching 8 episode only 16 more to go!
mom calls me mad and a ghost will come visit me one day if i keep watching!
how silly can my mom get? HAHA.

; gosh! he`s more good looking in person.. trust me!
- i can hear the bells........ and all because he touched me he LOOKED AT ME AND STARED......
lmao.. i`m going mad. but he really did dat. ask jocelyn and see!

i don wan to write so much here so i`ll come back with another post soon..
i would like to share my happiness here with ya`ll.
i`m just so excited for next year to come even though i know it`s my SPM year.
but god pls let my wish come true for my birthday!!

; loves

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