Monday, November 05, 2007

Super Series - French Open

ok the reason i didn`t go to school for 2 days was because i went to KL to visit a bunch of sick people + do some shopping!!
to get things clear with ya`ll i did not PONTENG! ishk.

and while i was down there i had good news! [:
i`m and aunt again! my cousin called when we just arrived saying that my dear baby niece had come out to this world..
&& she`s gonna be so darn cute as she`s half "ang mo"!
ooohhhh the rosy cheeks! will post up pictures of her soon when i get them..

; the good times we had after sports day practicin` our choral speaking

i din really do much shopping in kl.. no time at all..
jus went to ikea and get a few things for my house..
and i went to the gardens ; some new shopping mall beside MV and not even 30 mins i walked out of it again..
unless ur super rich or think u have alot of money.. ya can go there and shop..
otherwise for people like me, we just walk out. [:

i slept all the way back as usual..
and we stoped at tapah.. it`s really nice now..
went to get a quick coffee break... or not my driver will fall asleep.
and then i got my dunkin donuts.. [:

; my ko`s hair is so darn nice now! his interview after he won taufik
- hey even taufik agrees he is really "super dan" now! haha..

den saturday came, the day i was waiting for!
and i was so pissed off with my dad!
he made me miss some of my badmintion!
i never talked to him until i went home.. HAHA.. childish i know.. so wad?
went home closed all the windows and started screaming my head off! lmao..
like a siau char bo in the house...
cuz my two sayang`s were playing - LYD and Cai Yun
and i being so confused on who to support jus screamed for both.. haha

; i love watching them win and play!
- it was so nice to see LYd play again on tv after so long.. since the WC!

finally sunday arrived and finally i had badminton again..

French Open 2007

and as usual every time badminton starts i will scream like a stupid fool in front of the TV..
and the first match of the day was womens double`s..

; Zhang YaWen & Wei YiLi bt Zhao TingTing & Yu Yang

next was mens double`s..

and it was so nice to see d china team play again..
and then the rain just had to come for no apparent reason.
and omg my astro was becoming a major major retard at that time and i blame it 100% on the rain and the stupid apartments which are causing my house to get such a bad signal!

; Cai Yun & Fu HaiFeng bt Choong Tan Fook & Lee Wan Wah
- they finally beat them since the WC ended..

and when my astro finally got the signal back
the match had finished and it was already prize giving ceremony..
which i also din get to watch cuz the tv was so blur.
Go and die la rain!

; i jus love to see their faces when they win.. sweet.

the most frustrating match ever.
mens single`s
konon-nya la "knee injury" WTH? liar

; Lee Chong Wei bt Bao ChunLai

it was supposed to be the best match today..
womens single`s.
but xxf was in really good form.. so there wasn`t any tough fight compared to Zhang Ning yesterday.

; Xie XingFang bt Pi Hong Yan

alright dat`s all for now..
no more badminton untill next next week when jocelyn is staying over.
do go visit when free and read about the stupid things we do!

she. loves.badminton!!

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