Tuesday, October 30, 2007


i`m in a holiday mood now.. i have totally no mood to study in school..
my brains are now are usually heading to dreamland where cows dance and houses are made of candy!

Saturday, :

was suppose to go for some stupid AJK camp but thank gudness i got excused.. and we went to aunty cheng see's mission house for light and easy today..
&& i should have stayed at home and watch badminton! ishk.. wad a worng choice to do!
oh well went there so super early or it was rather everybody was so friggin late! so me and yan went to "exercise"..

; we were so darn bored!

the games were ermmm.. i have no comments about them..
but the way we were group was so "chun".. i was in group 2 and the only girl among i have no idea how many guys..
later on my senior's came ; alyn + grace which madeline brought them..

; oh the "stupidest" thigs we do!

after everything ended i`m glad my group won ben's game! ;whooo, we get prizes!
&& i was so darn hungry after dat cuz i din even eat dinner & lunch..
dad came to fetch me and yan home and stoped by at MCD! - chicken mcnuggets!
; my lovely ladies who are all grown up!

and after i got home i straight went to the TV - channel 811
i was only in time for the men's doubles
- Koo Kiet Keat & Tan Boon Heong vs Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan..
they`ve been playing for so many times together already and it does get boring!
i was screaming my lungs out for our malaysian pair..
First time in HISTORY you hear me cheering for malaysia! haha..

; damn happy that bao chunlai won lee chong wei! haha


woke up so early cuz today was supposed to be south zone's
Children's Day Outing
and we were supposed to go to the play ground and play but thanks to mr. rain all of us had to go back to church and play..
oh the joy of seeing kids happy with their smiling face!

we played the "bendy straw" game. it was fun seeing them children's faces going red trying their best to suck up the water from the cup with a few straws joining to each other!

; HAHAHA.. look at samuel's face! it was going to explode!

after the ice breaker , they had their
Sandwhich Making Competition
oh gudness, it was like so messy and i don even know whether they washed their hands

; the 4 groups.. and guess which group won?

after everybody washed up and before the food arrived, we played
Gorilla Walk

; all of them were totally cheating!! haha..

and after they had gorilla walk they had to throw the balls collected into the basket.
and the group with the most balls win la! like DUH!

; look at that disgusting scab!

everybody was super happy when they could smell the food!
you should see all their "tham chiak" faces..
especially miss hannah wong! like one PIG only!
and we ended up eating the sandwhiches! yummy [:

; my daddy can become waiter d la!

; nicholas.ming john.joshua - nicole's handsome dudes!

den the ice cream came
&& everybody was even happier
even us helpers! haha...

; God taught us to SHARE!

it was then time for the
Scavenger Hunt
they were all so funny trying to figure out the clues

; and after that they disgustingly took out their socks and passed it to me! yucks!

; he's so cute!! baby isaiah!

and at night my mom wanted to go to queens..
so i taught there was no more badminton since they said it was delayed telecast until the next day so i followed her..
den when i was in queens jocelyn called me and told me there was badmiton?! oh my!
i quckily ask my mom to take me home.. hahaha..
and she was so darn angry.. well nobody can stop me from watching badminton not even forever 21!! hahahaha..

; XD winner - He HanBin and Yu Yang

; Ms winners - Lin Dan and Bao ChunLai
this game was expected that my ko would win.. but i still wanted to watch and see wad silly things he will do on court.. and he was smiling the whole way.

; MD winner - Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong
- when i watch badminton only i can talk and scream! and i was really screaming for them to win k.. when they were leading the first set and lost my heart was about to come out!

after the MD astro went retarded and started showing football!

; WS winners - Lu Lan and Zhang Ning
- Lu Lan was really in top form . she won xie xingfang and zhu lin.. wad more zhang ning..

; WD winner - Zhang JieWen and Yang Wei

&& i found another mr. handsome!
jocelyn i know ur so agreeing with me!

; he's vain jus like me!


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