Friday, October 26, 2007

baddy update!

hey people yes i`m still alive after my results.. [;

Denmark Open

starterd on wednesday and there were already a few upsets..

1. Zhang YaWen & Wei YiLi [no.1] lost to our malaysian pair.. it was so unexpected!
2. Choong Tan Fook & Lee Wan Wah lost to some US ppl

i almost got a major heart attack today thanks to these humans :
  • Zhang Ning , Bao ChunLai , Lee Yong Dae & Jung Jae Sung , Cai Yun & Fu HaiFeng
keep playing rubber set only k.. so darn irritating..
&& denmark is like 6 hours + earlier than us.. and when i`m sleeping they're playing and i can`t see d live score.. ishk!

; click image to enlarge

oh gosh, lin dan's birthday pictures keeps coming up thanks to mr.david liu who are really good friends with the china players.. and it's really so good dat we can ask him all the questions and her answers us!!

for more pictures.. then go to lin dan & xie xingfang's thread. so many pics.

oh gosh! so childish playing like dat type of games.. hahaha!!!

; XXF team won in the end.. [: girls rule, boys drool!

ok well i don`t want to bore u guys with my badminton post again..
how many of ya`ll actually READ my update on badminton?
just wondering.. pls TAG me so that i know..

; the SUPER SWEET couple!

and my elbow and hip is recovering but it still hurts loads! especially when i sneeze the wound on my hip will stretch and it jus hurts la!! so do keep praying for me k! TQ

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