Sunday, October 21, 2007

happy happy birthday!

on the 17th October 1991 some human was born into this world.. but only yesterday we celebrated her birthday.. haha..
so yea this women was born :

; Quah Zhu Lian

and for her sweet sixteen, she ordered choc cake which is fattening!
oh GOSH! after eating so much we had to eat cake again..

; && her dad gave me d part FILLED with choc..

oh yea before that su quin came to my place..
den zhu lian fetched us to :
Tropical Fruit Farm

which is her dad's farm.. well sort off la!

; me while waiting for dat lady to come!! so byk lama wait for her!

and the "theme" for her party was :
Indian wear.. HAHAHA!
and me n su quin didn`t have indian clothings so we sort of improvised! haha..

; the new indian punjabeeee suit!! [:

all of us were like squashed pineapples in the car..
&& there was loads of showers of blessing!
of all days it must rain TODAY!
all of us were soakin` wet and we we all wearing so nice!
our food was filled with water too.. yucks!!
well at least we really can get "sky juice".. HAHA

; some random picture while eating..

we totally talked nonsense the whole night
&& laughing our asses off!
thx to the crazy thila for being so blur..
"No la it's her brother waddddd!??"

; nicole.quin.d smartest girl ever!

and after we got bored we decided to vain..
as usual la we girls...
wad`s a sweet sixteen without pictures?

; don`t even know wad were we trying to do..

; HAHA.. crazy girl wearing glasses at night.. lol

; i`m so nicole tan...

oh yea! time for cake...
"happy birthday to you, your born in the zoo,
with the monkeys and donkeys,
your one of them TOO!" haha..

p:s// remember ur d turkey! so this song is so ture! hahaha.. [:

; she`s officially OLD! hahaha..

and we went crazy again..
this time we were "tembaking" each other.. haha..
the shorties vs. tallies..
so mean la they all! eh but don`t play play u know!

; lmao! trying too see who`s cup goes higher! don`t look at mine.. hahaha.

but, u can`t judge us by our height..
we may be short..
but it has many advantages! hahaha..
so be proud who your are..
but i`m still wishing to grow taller.. HAHA.

; see there are ppl shorter then me! hahaha..

and then the night came to an end..
and it was time to balik rumah..
the ride back was funny...
we were all so freezing cold and this shanke keep putting the air cond at full blast!
and thx to thila also who couldn't stop talking made her do it more!
and the ghost story somehow turned into something funny! haha..

; this is the crazy women la!

and then i reached home,
i straight went to watch,
One Tree Hill!
oh i miss that show so much..
they graduated and nathan has a baby & dan tried to kill himself but failed!
oh all the drama..!

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