Saturday, October 20, 2007

of bruises and food

--> this post many contain some images that you do not wish to see but if your up for it den sure.. [:

after how many months....

i FINALLY got to chill out with my lil sis..


so on thursday we both went out together.. it was more of an eating outing! hahaha..

&& knowing me nicole tan ; sleepy head, i was supposed to fetch her at 12.30 and i actually got up earlier but was really tired so i fell back asleep and at 12.30 ma dad came to my room ask asked "eh, nicole tan! don`t we have to fecth yan-y?"

oh shucks! i`ve done it again! overslept.. thx god is me fetching her and not her fetching me or not malu le macam ni! so don't be like me.. haha..

so queensbay here we come..and yan`s favourite place here we come.. she`s so lucky that i forgot to bring my sushi king card so we ended up eating her fav. Kenny Rogers! and the waiter that served us was damn blur la until yan had to remind him wad to ask us.. well we`ve been there long enough to know everything
&& we don't even have to look at the menu to order our food d.. hahaha..

we talked as if we never seen each other for years + laughed + stuff our self with food!

; the stupid shop! but we managed to take a pic w/o ppl noticing us! haha.

after that we walked more trying to find birthday presents for friends but ended up eating again! pit stop at baskin robins.. oohhhh! it`s been long since i had ice cream..
&& yan had 3 scoops of ice cream! oh goshhhhh.. hahaha!

oh yea gotta tell ya`ll something my friend made up..
as u all know my sayang is lee yong-dae and my friend likes ronald susilo
i know this is lame but oh well.
  • Susilo = Sushi
  • Yong Dae = sunDAE
HAHA! i told u it was lame.. so now i love my sunDAE especially the one from korea..

; i`m lovin' my mint choc chip! oh yea try baseball nut! it`s really nice!

after being stuffed with ice cream went to jalan-jalan again..
and ended up in here :

; i guess you all know where is this.. u better! every child's fav. shop

and went to S&J just to find present..
well we didn`t get anything but we found our rockstars!
[see my previous post if ya don`t understand]

; the oh-so-cute PATRICK STARFISH!

after so many unsucessful attempts we jus decided to go to jusco for fun and see whether we could find something.. and suddenly...
*both look at each other shocked*

HAHA! den we saw the guys behind us.. aiyo.. tim ah shout as if like it was his house.. swt! memalukan only la.. haha.. and after all the walking we decided to eat again! hahaha.. i told u this was an eating outing.. [:

so we caught up with the guys minus Felix to go to coffee bean
and we decided to try something new today.. but it was a total wrong choice of things!
don`t ever drink & eat this

; Blended Black Forest && Royal Choc. Cake

after the guys left and after we were so disappointed wad we order, we decided to vain like nobody's business! hahaha..
yea me and yan started to "SS" [:
so feast your eyes on them pictures..

; this is how i look after wad i drank and ate! [:

; and this is how she looked like! hahaha..

; my sister from another mother!

; oh GOSH! the stupid things we do..

; but i still love her no matter wad!

for more pictures and update pls :

oh yea and on the way home guess wad we saw.. i was wrong about us malaysians [well some at least] our guard talking to some tourist! WOW! it's not something u see everyday har? [:

; no he wasn't going to punch him! hahaha.

so that was my day with her! i really enjoyed it.. we`re so going out when the next holiday comes.. and the next holiday is a long one.. YAYS!

&& thank to my stupid dog i got this :

; hand and hip

dat donkey ran away from home and i was chasing him and when i caught him he decided to run again.. and *PLOP* there i go sliding down the tar road! WTH?
in addition to that, after i fell i had to get up and chase him again and carry his fat ass back to the house..
i`m really so pissed with him now.. dat FAT ASS!
; mom's going to give him away! hahaha..

until next time.. pls pray for my wounds that
it won't leave a scar or else i will CRY!

; mini me saying she.loves.ya`ll!

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