Tuesday, October 16, 2007

the party's just begun

yea my holidays are jus kickin` in..
i finally got my beauty sleep today..

i slept like a PIG after coming back from badminton carnival yesterday.. well i did play a bit and all those cheering was tiring.. & i had to get up at 6.15 a.m + it`s not even a school day..

Monday, 15 October 07
`it was finally the day after loads of announcements were made in church..


it was a tiring yet fun day.. well i gotta meet up with people i haven't seen in a long long time,
sarah & samuel thum, chan min min & imin, gerald soon...

; miss chew yan-y! gr8 job playing girl! my mom's gonna break your leg.. haha

everybody showed off their skill and i`m really proud of my South Zone.. they really did a gr8 job to get into the semi's!! [: *thumbs up*

but unfortunatly we lost to Prai/Kulim [2-5]

&& TOP came on the top as Champions..

** FYI they beat every zone they played against flat.. [7-0]

Sunday, 14 October 07

today went to church den off to lunch with my mom and the committee meeting..

last whole week was the Olympic Test.. too bad they did not show it on astro.. so i shall update ya'll bout it..

the purpose of this test is for the players to adjust themselves to the environment and the the wind speed in the stadium before they play next year in the real olympics.. don't worry this tournament contains no points for their ranking.. so it's ok whether they win or loose..


` here are d pictures of d day

1. Mixed double's
; Xie ZhongBo & Zhang YaWen bt Gao Ling & Zheng Bo.

2. Womens Single's

; Xie XingFang bt Zhu Lin..
` no wonder she was smiling throughout the whole tournament even when plyaing :]

3. Womens Double's
; Wei YiLi & Zhang YaWen bt Huang Sui & Zhao TingTing

4. Mens Double's
; Cai Yun & Fu HaiFeng bt Xie ZhongBo & Guo Zheng Dong

5. Mens Single's
; Lin dan bt Bao ChunLai!

&& today was also Lin Dan's Birthday..

and it was so sweet for he and XXF to win together.. and at night they went for his birthday dinner.. he's very perasan u know! put his face everywhere.. hahaha..a s if la people wanna look at him during the whole dinner.. [:

; the place setting.

and guess wad happen to his surprise from his girlfriend.. thx to the stupid salesman! cacat..
here's a bit from her blog :

Gosh, that almost drove me up the wall. Later then, the man realized that he said the wrong thing but it was too late. Lin Dan kept on asking me about it when I came home; and oh, I did feel awkward.

want to know more.. CLICK THIS and find for players blog translation.

Saturday, 13 October 07
today i woke up early and went to youth park with woan shing to go and "pak toh" hahaha!
yea it's so much nicer now compared to last time.. den went to eat breakfast with her + daddy! and after that i came home bathe and waited for mom to go gurney..

and then i met up with my darling` charis ow!

and she wanted to drink starbucks and i wanted to drink coffee bean.. but in the end we hung out at coffee bean! it's so much nicer now compared to last time.. really cosy..

; pure ice blended vs blackberry green tea

&& thank to lame pastor victor who made this nonsense up! hahaha.. cuz we were in cell group den we had discussion about superhero's.. and a question asked :

Name a Famous Rockstar?
Patrick starfish from Spongebob square pants!

it's becuase he's a STAR and he lives under a ROCK? lmaooo!!! the silly things pastor can think off. hahaha..

; my famous ROCK-STAR!!! lol

HAHA! okays for more update pls CLICK HERE! dat's all for now people! be back soon..

nicole tan__*

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