Saturday, October 13, 2007

holidays here i come!

♪♫♪ what time is it? ♪♫♪

yea yea, today it my first day of holidays. it feels great to just stay in bed and get up wadever time u want too! [:

but the one thing dat i`m really sad about is dat Astro will not be showing d olympic test :[ cacat la.. i really want to watch it.. d stadium is really super nice and it's all ready for next year's BEIJING OLYMPICS 2008!

&& i`m really happy for Xie XingFang.. she`s really gaining her confidence back man.. jus look at her play during d matches.. so sweet la her smile.. n it`s like so weird for ppl to be smiling during their games..

; no wonder lin dan can like her.. so sweet!

; she seems really happy playing.. i love seeing her play!!

on thursday after school, ming chia-ed a few of us Pizza Hut and also tq to yan's NIE voucher.. it was good to finally go out with yan after how long..
i miss the crazy times we had filled with laughter and vainess! haha..

; Pepperoni . Aloha Chicken . Masalah smth! i dunno la.. jus eat!

; d girl i loads!

and today i went out with Zhu Lian to Queens.. it was fun.. first went to eat at sakae sushi! it's so so so delicious and plus d environment is so cosy.. to addition we sat on a super long table all to ourselves! syiok-ness! after dat we din really have time for shopping la..

but we did go and watch :


it's a really superb` show for me.. well i like musical shows so yea it was *thumbs up*..

for dat nikki blonskey.. i really can`t stand her laaaaa!! she's really FAT.. well not to say people or anything.. but i think she spoiled d show.. i can't stand her! and she's not even pretty! and she's like shorter than meeee!!!

&& she like KISSED ZAC EFRON!! *faintssss* me n zhu lian was like "enough enough! STOP KISSING LAAAAA" hahaha..

i get to see the hottie zac efron! well dat was my whole intention of watching d show.. haha..


so in conclusion : you should go and watch the show.. hahaha..

okays i gotta hit my sheets d.. another long day tomorrow.. & badminton!

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