Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Freedom & Macau Open

*Darurat "duduk-rumah-study" akan dibubarkan waktu 10.15 pagi, 9 Oktober 2007. Rakyat 4 Termapil sediakan diri untuk melaung MERDEKA sebanyak tujuh kali bersamaan ketua tingkatan Joyce selepas kertas peperiksaan dikutip..

this is wad that crazy girl Joyce Lim sent me in d middle of d night while i was sleeping and woke me up.. thanks loads joyce! ishkk..

oh well.. now i`m feeling so much better and stress-free! well not until results come out.. well the good thing now is dat there is no need for them books anymore and i can catch up on my beauty sleep and hit d malls with my girls! [:

; i studied until d cows came home! lmaoo...

ok i don`t want to talk about my exams now.. all i want to do is jus relax and enjoy watching ma badminton.. this whole month there are loads of tournaments..

so on the 2 - 7 October they had their:

Macau Open

&& on Sunday was d finals.. and guess wad i stayed in front of the TV from 2.00 to 7.30 p.m and my mom warned me "Gek-Len ah.. exams not yet finish ah.. 4.00 go up and study har?!" and i keep "ya ya ya! going going.. on more match la plsssss"


` so now i`ll let the pictures do the talking from here.. [:

1. Mixed Double's

; Zhang Yawen and Xie ZhongBo [China] won Fang Chieh Min and Cheng Wen Hsing [Taipei]
&& it was a good match.. they look like Jack and the Beanstalk.. haha

2. Womens Single’s

; Xie XingFang [China] won Jun Jae Youn [Korea]
&& i`m really GLAD that she won.. hope that this tournament will bring back her confidence man! go XXF!

3. Mens Double’s

; Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong [Malaysia] won Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah [Malaysia]
&& it was an all malaysian affair again after CTF/LWW won Cai/Fu yet again and KKK and TBH won d new world no.1 Kido/Setiawan. really happy over their won! MALAYSIA BOLEH - only for MD i support.. haha-

4. Womens Double's

; Gao Ling and Huang Sui [China] won Lee Kyung Won and Lee Hyo Jung [Korea]
&& i was supporting them cuz Zhang JieWen and Yang Wei din play! hahah..

5. Mens Single's

; Chen Jin [China] won Taufik Hidayat [Indonesia]
&& this was really a good match.. but poor taufik his 3rd time getting second placing in d recent tournaments.

so dat`s all about this year`s Macau Open.. i was a great effort from China.. 4 out of 5 wins!


and now there`s olympic test going on.. hahaha.. another week of great badminton i hope..

; she.loves.badminton!!

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