Saturday, October 06, 2007

the joy in my life

i`m back again.. lols.. my hands are jus feeling very itchy to update my blog.. && i'm loving my blogskin now.. d colours are so bright and wonderful! [:

here are a few pictures from d Macau Open goin on now..

; HAHA.. Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong jus before their match with my sayang Lee Yong Dae and Jung Jae Sung.. their reactions are so funny la..

; see see! looking at him can jus make all d girls heart's melt man! on d plus side he's on 20 years old! hahaha.

on other matters, i would like to share with ya`ll something..

what makes nicole SMILE!

the top of my list is definitely those
  • cute lil puppies & dawgies..
; especially my mr. toby tan

; && my 2 darlings` maxie and LEO! leo's a GIANT now.. can` t wait to see him in December! yays`

next up on my list is...
  • China's Badminton Team
; & the whole team during the DOHA games.

; && my all time favourites - Cai Yun, Fu HaiFeng, Lin Dan and Xie XingFang

thirdly is.. i'm sure ya'll know this one.. haha..
  • Lee Yong Dae - Korea
; during the world championships

; believe me if i said i took this picture? haha

and then comes.... [i din forget bout him k.. haha]
  • Wang Lee Hom
; my mom says he has a big nose..hahaha.. but he's damn entau too me.. i don care!

next up will be,
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S
; the girls that have been there for me through thick and thin!

; people who always makes me laugh.

; when we`re all TOGETHER! we'll for sure have d time of our lives! and of cuz being d noisiest ppl anywhere we go.. haha.. our trademark.

and number six is,
  • Babies or Kids
; my darling niece! angelineeee!! she's as cute as the aunty! lmao!

; jocelyn's cousin - Fraincs and of course baby genius - Isaac! [he's of course much bigger now la]

then comes lucky no. 7,
  • FOOD
; TGIF's 3 in 1 and SUSHI KING!!

; i'm in LOVE with this.. my birthday cake.. lol. yea i know it's fattening.

last but not least.. my all time favorite place in the world...
  • The Beach
; the view from my room in pulau pangkor!

hahaha.. okays that about all of it.. well at least i think so.. oh yea not forgetting the joy after exams are over.. that's wad makes me smile the most most most! hahaha..

oh yea and now a days at home.. u know wad i do? i'm totally addicted to it again.. oh shucks*

; my Wang Lee Hom DVD which my darling' friends bought of me for my sweet sixteen.. aren't they lovely? hahaha.. i'm obsessed with it AGAIN!! swt swt! -.-"

now i can't wait after my exams finish.. faster PASS.. den Raya Holidays here i come.. hahaha.. as if i was celebrating it or something..

dat's all for now.. until i feel like updating again k..
peace out.. <3's

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