Saturday, November 24, 2007

my week!

ok people.. i`m finally back with a non badminton post..
i dunno why m i actually listening to ya`ll when this is really my blog and i should write wadever i wan to write..

; my life is complicated..

holidays have been super tiring for me..
it`s either i have to wake up early or there is dance practice..

; but dance practices is some how fun at times
-because it`s them people ur dancing with!

jus a few events that have happened and i never ever blogged bout it cuz i was darn lazy..

; gosh! my bro`s birthday cake was darn yummy.
- compared to the 4 birthday cakes i had this year! haha..

and on monday, a few of us decided to go out to to start of our holidays..
so went out with dan, tim, sam, yan and viv..
gosh i had to chia them sushi and in addition yan paid for our movie tickets.

note : those who haven`t watched STARDUST... don`t watch it.. hahaha

; my three lovely ladies.

while waiting for the guys to play their pool, us girls decided to go DDR-ing..
it has been like so long since i played that..
i know i totally sucked in it, but oh well. holidays are about having fun. haha..
after our movie, we headed off to MCD to have a quick bite..

; i had fun with them that day..
- it was one heck of a day where we had the funniest conversation ever!

i came back home and my mom totally forgot about my physics tuition.. so i also pretended that i forgot all about it! hahaha..

and on tuesday me and yan went for some charity press conference thing. haha..
well the reason we went was to become kepo's! hahaha..
and we were hoping that our faces would be in the newpaper..

; we had to photoshop the pictures thx to my cacated cam phone!
- so much for hoping we decided to vain ourselves!

went to Penang Swimming Club to eat at night. cuz i wanted to take my card.

and guess who i met?
vivian chee
! hahaha..

so yea i signed for dinner but it`s on my mom`s account. haha.

; at the club

then wednesday came! i had to get up like so freaking early..
thanks to mr. daniel tan.. who came to my place at 8.30 in the morning!
u could have seen how sleepy i was..
well at least we completed our flag and we watch some stupid videos. haha!

; well our flag isn`t exactly done yet.

but we got so bored staying at home and so we decided to go to queens.
watch balls of fury.. this show was darn funny and nice!
and we were supposed to shop for things.. LOL!

; HAHAHA! i painted his nails white.
- and so chun that day.. i was wearing pink and he was wearing white!

at night my mom took him back home.. and she was like complaining the whole way there dat she wouldn`t go visit aunty michelle or stay there and bla bla bla..
den i was like "OK! den don`t go la! haha"
but gosh! i would get lost on the way to his house the next time i drive up there.

; thanks to my wonderful BRAINS. i made sushi.
- it does some how look real.

and on thursday they had dance prac at my place
and AGAIN i had to get up early. this is really gonna kill me one day.. hahaha.
thank god i`m going on a holiday.. [:

; i was like drowning in the cap! haha.

okays that`s like all i`m gonna update for now...


; time with my girls.
- guess where we went?

STAY IN TUNE with my blog to find out where we went.

gosh. that night was super fun!


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