Monday, November 26, 2007

Flicker [:

i`m sure ya`ll read about where we went already in charis blog.
but oh well. i`m jus writing again cuz i want to post pictures up! haha.

; i was so darn tired after practice
- but, there is still time to vain. haha

; compliments to the cool photo effects.

and i had like the most awesome time with charis and yan on thursday night and friday morning! haha.. they stayed over my place after dance practice and we really talked till the cows came home! we shared all our experiences *P&C* and we did catch up loads on each other! haha..

; i love u ladies the most la!
- founders of fusion-X! haha..

all i remembered is that i slept while my girls were watching video and everyone ended up sleeping with me! haha.. and den it was dinner time.. my oh-so-kind dad bought for us back :

- it`s finger licking good!

and after dinner our SS session started. we really did camwhore!
and talked again.
and charis helped us paint our nails! oh so sweet!

; sorry! my hands are not long enough to fit everyone in.
- especially in this position!

; Peace ` LALA
- chinese school girls does it better! no heart feelings!

; this one memang SS.. hahaha..
- we were tickling yan. oh so fun!

; don`t u jus love them girls?

; when we see a camera we were wide awake!

; this is one awesome chica..

After that we all went down cuz we had to complete our dance..
learned the ballet steps from the music video and we sort of improvised [:
but after that.. thanks to them crazy ladies..
we got distracted!! and we started talking nonsense..

oh yea! we went clubbing! seriously we did.

; NO 72, Flicker is the new MOMO
- ladies PJ`s night was the theme!

; && we drank till we got drunk
- and we started to "BOWL" dance! hahaha..

; and the drugs here are super colourful
- plus addictive! and it BURST`s in ya mouth.

after we finished.. went to take a break..
and thanks to the MV which got us all grooving to
gudness me! u would think we were drunk dat time..
&& it was like already 2 smth! haha..

; our tired faces after a long night

and we taut after clubbing we were going up to sleep..
but who in the world knows we talked till like 4 smth in the morning.
girls have never ending stories..
and memories like those times i will always remember!

and konon-nya la in the morning wanted to get up at 9.30!
we slept till around 12-ish..
den off to dance practice... it was fun as we finished our dance d..
but still needs to be improved! people coming for youth camp!
be amazed by it! hahaha..

; my best friend!
- thank god for her! [:

; my lil bro and sis..
- it has been long since we last took pictures together!

and here`s a special Thank You to :

; Daniel Tan ` Charis Ow ` Chew Yan-Y
- without ya`ll there would not be any dance!

so dat`s all i wanted to update.

and my darling charis will be leaving for hong kong this monday.
and yan is going to KL on wednesday
and when they come back i`ll be flying off to australia on the 1st
and dixon will be leaving for taiwan the same day as me.
and justin will be leaving to sabah on the 12th.

GOSH!! so many ppl going everywhere!
make sure ya guys and girls MISS me k! haha..

; loves lots!

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