Wednesday, November 28, 2007

damn bored

ya`ll must be wondering y the sudden update? haha..
it`s because i`m like seriously freaking bored now.

; there`s no reason not to LOVE them!
- my sisters from another mother!

and yan will be leaving me here in penang for like 3 days
and i don`t even know wheter i can see her before i leave for australia..
but when i come back, i`m gonna crash her place and she`s gonna crash my place!
oh the good old times!

i can`t believe i`m saying this ;
but this times CHINA OPEN was so sucky..
as in seriously!! everything was boring.. except for the fact that Bao ChunLai won!

  • line judges were totally unfair
  • umpires has no experience
  • astro had delayed telecast so i had to watch RTM1
  • commentator was DAMN IRRITATING!
i could have just gone to the tv station and ask him to shaddup u know! lousy man.

; and my oh-so-cute dog watching TV
- it was during the MS.. he was so cute sitting there watching!

and my trip to aus this year is like so funny..
i asked my mom to change the dates of my return for like 3 times!! haha..
and when i come back on the 9th morning, my parents will be leaving in the afternoon!
so i have to spend my time with them now..

and i might be going to FGA Melbourne! [:
my cousin`s gonna take me there.. if i don`t get lazy to go to church.. haha!

; coloured eyes - PHOTOSHOP-ED! haha..
- i love them! blue and green.. gonna get coloured contacts!

- these`s one's are jus normal hazel coloured.

dat`s all for now..
will try to update when i`m down under! HAHA..
take care people!

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