Saturday, December 01, 2007

so long and FAREWELL

yes it`s time i say good bye to everyone here and all my faithfull blog readers.
i`m finally leaving for australia ; melbourne.. the land down under.. [:
well i`ll only be there for 9 days which is actually very fast..
oh well.. after i come back it`s all work, work , work!

; i bet ya`ll gonna miss this FACE
- and my voice when i`m gone! quiet-ness! haha

; the original colour of the negative picture [:

gosh i do have a lot to update before i leave..
but do not worry, i`ll be updating from there to.
just without pictures. [:

so here`s my update for now..

on wednesday followed pastor victor, yannie, joyce, dantan and dixon to harvard to see the place for our youth camp.. then came back packed and got ready for swimming and sleepover at viv`s! [:
swimming was FUN..
but i have one word for them guys [tim; samchuah; dantan]- useless! hahaha..
we went canoe-ing and they left me and viv all alone in the middle of the sea!
konon-nya wanted to wait for us to go to the island.. ishkk.
me and viv gave up half way and decided to go back.. but gosh.. it was darn tiring k.. and the sun was super hot..
when we reached the beach.. we were like super happy and straight went swimming in the pool.. stupid guys.. never gonna follow them again.. haha!

and them guys go swimming no need bring their toiletries one k..
den everything borrow from me! and gosh.. they use so much of my soap and everything else! ** hint guys : christmas is coming! i`m waiting!

went to eat then back to viv`s place.. and we being so bored decided to bake..

- it`s really darn nice. wanna order? lol

after baking, we chatted for a while, did girls things and vained.. after that we watched night at the museum half way and fell asleep! haha.. tired-ness!

; my day with her was fun and tiring

; but we still have time to vain no matter what

; and play with her laptop
- tyring to figure out how to install the webcam

; thank you lady for such a gr8 day

then on thursday, we could not get up.. hahaha.. as usual.. all them lies saying we were gonna get up early. haha..
so after we got ready, andrew came and fetch us to gurney.. once again a special thank you.
met up with dantan, samthum and justin..
watched enchanted - chlidish yet funny and very fairytale-ish.. [:

and in the morning my mom called me and asked me whether i wanted to go watch some celebrity football thing.. cuz she had 2 tickets so i called viv to teman me!
it was the ROLF cup at city stadium!
it celebs from hk, m`sia, indo and s'pore coming down to play for charitry..
and my mom like totally lied to me! she said that jackie chan , jet li and grumit singh [puah chu kang] they all would come!
mana tau me and viv looking like some stupid ppl for them but NONE! hahaha..
but we saw some of the hong kong tv series actors..

the match was nice la.. see even me not a football fan enjoyed it and stayed until everything finished! [:
malaysia won indonesia
hong kong won singapore

; reached there like so freaking early!

; and it was like so hot after it rained!

; the hongkong actor and actress
- i`m sure u`ve seen them in TV shows b4.. i jus dunno the name!

; and i`m sure ya`ll has seen this guy acting b4!!
- he was so sweet so smile for us! haha

more pictures with viv.. wait until she send`s them to me k.. or go to her blog..
there`s this one more guy - eric sang [ i think dat`s his name] which i met.. i`m sure ya`ll know him! the hong kong actor.. hahahaha!!
wait la till i edit this post with more pictures!
till then! see u people when i come back!
take care!

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