Monday, December 24, 2007

pictures from as dated

hey people!
yes i`m back from camp..
and camp was super good! will update bout that soon but for now.. here are some pictures from my week before camp..

and this is where i saw yan the whole week.. as in seriously..

; sisters for life no matter wad!

she slept over my place and i slept over her place!
i`m not gonna talk but here are d pictures!

10th December 07 ; monday
yan.dantan.gerald came to my place in the morning to paint our youth camp flag [which we din even use!]. den we went to queens and watch a movie.
stayed over at yan`s place to finish painting the flag

; say no to EMO! haha..
- i have no idea wad i`m talking about! lol

11th December 07 ; tuesday

had dance practice.. after we came back to yan`s place.. we both slept like a bunch of pigs till dinner! we really did wad girls do during sleepover..

; painted our nails
- it tooks so long for us to actually be satisfied with it!

and guess wad yan got me hooked up to? oh gudness!
into the life of GOSSIP GIRL!
thank u so much lady! hahaha.. [:

; do not ever become like me!
- we watched till the cows came home.

and i really had one of the most funniest convo with dantan..
we on the webby.. and me and yan did some entertaining!
it was really so fun.. gudness!

; oh the silly things we can do during sleepovers!

12th December 07 ; wednesday
first of all i got a birthday shout out!
&& i know this is really super late but,


; i`ll always love u no matter wad!
- don`t mind my big head in front! haha

this time we went to gurney to watch the golden compass with dantan..
yet again.. i too have been seeing his the whole week!
but it`s some how fun!
&& i learned how to play POOL.. though i still suck badly at it. haha.


this is wad we did while waiting for the show..
we the oh-so-kuai people. went to MPH!

; u won`t ever catch me doing this during the holidays!

; neither will u ever catch him doing this during the holidays! LOL

not forgetting!
my cousin serene graduate today too!
u know the robe she1s wearing.. we took so long jus to get her in it! haha.

13th December 07 ; thursday
no pictures for today..
went for dance practice at charis`s friends studio!
after we got back home me and yan slept till 11 p.m and again at 5 a.m! haha.

; mr giant LEO!

14th December 07 ; friday

ok here`s another birthday shout out :

; ok this is a video from FGA melbourne youth dance group.
- Beatbouncrs

well my cousin`s dancing in that video..
well wanan see more video`s pls go to you tube and watch..

oh yes after worship practice, dantan and charis came over to my place to finish youth camp staff. and l8r on james dropped by as well..
everything went as planed.. and i had to bake for the celebration of hope thing at night and guess wad? you`ll find out..

; those two dudes baked for me! haha..
- but me and charis did so some work!

; okay this was part of the work we did! haha

; introducing.. charis ow the PUTTER and nicole tan the person asking the putter to put! haha..
- it`s kind of lame!

; this was the second batch of cake them guys made!
- they were so proud it didn`t fall down! LOL

; those two dudes really amaze me! haha

; our end product!
- it taste good! trust me!

for more info pls CLICK HERE!
thank you so much.. haha..

and after that yan came by and james took us to sharon`s place!

; celebration of hope.
- we watched vege tales and joyce shared her testimony!

; yan and me vained as usual!
- that is jere`s finger mind u all! haha

; at sharon`s place!

15th December 07 ; saturday
it was very normal.. went to youth den at night satyed over yan`s place!

; nicole tan hearts chew yan-y!

; crazy thing we do!

; POSER! hahaha

; have urself a merry little christmas!

; don`t mind us crazy girls!
- we were too hungry! haha

16th December 07 ; sunday
this is the day where :
became the most laziest people in the world and slept the whole day!!
we only got up during dinner time! hahaha..

stay in tune for more updates!
take care people!

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