Tuesday, December 25, 2007

youth camp 07

ok people here`s jus a brief update bout the wonderful week i had..
Youth Camp 2007
like totally rocked the most!!
i can tell u all it was the best camp i ever been too!

- it was supposed to be our group flag! haha

god has been really good to me! he seriously has..
he has blessed me with so many friends!
mend my broken relationships!
showed me his true love!

oh yea bout our dance.. i think we did much much better during practice!
well it was the best we gave.. but no matter wad we will always be the :
;C[aptivating] O[ur] N[ations] 'fusion dance crew

; the only one missing is YAN!
- gosh we do look so pink!

i`m too lazy to type d.. i bet ya`ll already read about camp in other ppl`s blog..
so i shall not mumble d..
but here are some pictures..
and obviously the LAST NIGHT of camp is the best night..
this is wad a bunch of us did.. [:

; the gathering outside the hallway!

; miss PUTTER . nicole . mr "so called fit" . ang mo!

; u two dudes are so lucky! lol

; my sisters!

and oh yes on the last day..
everybody had to say goodbye's..
but it was a good day.. because..
a special thank you to danieltan!

; candid! everybody was so not ready

; okay there u go! i love each and everyone of them
- thank u god for giving me such gr8 group members!

; kutu and me!
- i will always appreciate u as my friend and soon to be "sister in law" LOL

; do not ask me wad were all of us doing! haha

; thank you so much KHAI SHIN for ur money
- to buy water! hahaha

and i came back with a really bad sore throat..
it`s all because of the screaming and shouting in camp la!
&& i came back and slept for like 16 hours!
yes i`ve become a pig.. it`s also because of the lack of sleep in camp!

- well it doesn`t work for me.. but i love to drink it!

and now i would like to wish all you people out there a very


; merry christmas everyone!
- may ur days be merry and bright!

i`m out for now..
next update on christmas party we had in youth
keep tuning in for more!
take care people

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