Friday, December 28, 2007

merry christmas

i know this blog is know to have many pictures..
it`s jus because i`m too lazy to type out so many words..
&& people have said pictures speak a thousand words, so yea!

after youth camp everyone was so tired and we jus had to had our annual christmas party the day after that.. ishk!

&& my mom was jus too kind to ask me whether i would like to curl my hair since she bought that curling device! LOL..

; i know i look old! but oh well i some how like my hair like dat [:

but i still had fun though..
here are the pictures from the party.. well only some yea..

we then played the bomb game for ice breaker and it was nice.. haha.. everybody was in their own age group..
12 & 13 - chocolate mint strawberry cheesecake
14 - FOURtimothy
15 - buns & chopsticks
16 and above - she sells sea shells on the sea shore

; && introducing.....
- your game mistresses! [:

then after that we had dinner and performances by our christmas carolers, oliver, sharon and joel! [:

; and this is wad i do.
- always ready for the camera!

and now here are them pictures with my lovely

; chew yan-y
- we can open world record of most times seeing each other in a month of december! LOL

; sharon leow hsin yuek
- i lovely niece god has brought to me! and she looks pretty HOT with her hair like dat..

; joyce lim sze yuen
- i will totally miss being in the same class with u!! love u

; joshua tan sao peng
- this is one crazy dude! rock on..

; gerald soon pauaun
- stay crazy as u are and pls do eat more! haha

; we`re all related! hahaha..
- i can`t believe we`re his aunt! gudness!

; this is picture is jus MEAN!
- notice justin and ming yen! terribleeee

; the theme for christmas this yea was blue. white. silver
- keep the fire burning for god ppl!

; andrew oh andrew!!
- wad were u trying to do? hahaha!

&& last but not least in this season of christmas i really thank god for placing each and everyone of my friends into my life..
though u all may hurt me at times, i`ll always treasure the friendship that all of us have together!
and no we cannot face our problems all by ourself and by our own strength..
dat`s y as the years pass by.. i`m glad too see myself growing up in this family of GOD with all of u and becoming closer to you people..
keep rocking on for GOD k..

; friendship i`ll always treasure!

take care you people..
school`s starting so don`t get sick..
&& try to sleep early now! haha..

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