Saturday, December 29, 2007

random updates

i realize i`m been updating my blog very frequently now a days..
it`s because next year when school starts i won`t be able to do so anymore,
well i promised my mom i would STUDY HARD! haha..
let`s all jus pray that i do.. [:

last monday we went caroling at Dorsett hotel and grrrr was is damn frustrating..
can u imagine singing to people who don`t think u exists..
or might i say CLAP for us..
hello.. r they blind? deaf? or jus plain dumb?
we were already so scared and they jus made things even worse..
oh forget it..

; sisters.. we ROCK.. oh yea

; my fellow epharim-mites!

; at the hotel..

well pastor has the rest of the pictures..
&& after that we went MCD and then off to church for the christmas countdown..
then back home to sleep! haha..
but the next day we like had to go sing for some people at some place! haha..
LOL.. but after that the 4 of us girls decided to go queens..

; we then met charis ow and gary soon
- yea so called robbery which made us screamed out so hard! haha

i would jus like to wish all those PMR-er's congrats and good job..
well even though ya`ll din get the results u expected, i`m sure this is not the end of the road for you guys.. u know life doesn`t end at from 3..
just study harder next time and move on k..
i once have been in ur situation!

and so now i have nothing else to update on..
but do enjoy them pictures..

; all the DECEMBER babies in my family..
- they celebrated without me! how sad!

this was my smart idea..
- their mini birthday cake! haha

; my lovely cousin and me!
- sorry for the blur-ness! we waited in the airport jus to check in for like 1 whole hour.. wth?

; && presenting my future cousin in law! haha
- she was way too sweet to buy for us coffee!

okays dat`s all from me now..
i have no idea on wad to update about d..
take care people!
; loves!

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