Sunday, December 30, 2007

december is going to end

i`ve finally decided to have birthday shout out to them december babies.. well only some cuz december is already going to end.. LOL..
i`m so sorry.. nwy`s for this week was..

25th - Jim J.C
27th - Jeremy Yeoh ; i will miss u while in NS! take care dude!
28th - Timothy Yeoh ; Chan Imin
29th - Hui Jen ; Ben Yeoh
30th - James Tan

not forgetting....

; miss CHEW YAN-Y
- here`s a little something for you..
` i really thank GOD for placing you in my life girl.. it`s been really fun meeting up with ya and having them sleepover`s during the holidays.. and yes we do talk a lot and have a lot in common.. and that is wad makes us special.. haha.. we`ve learn how to play pool and we did kick them guys butt's! haha.. so keep staying who u are and always rock one for GOD sister! take care and all the best in year 2008..
love u loads

and these are the rest of the leftover pictures form the past events.. blame them people who keeps ending to me one by one.. grrr.. haha..

Youth Camp ; my fellow room mates of room 226
- the "cleanest" room! HAHA.. my butt

Christmas Party ; them vain people
- khai shin, damn ur one lucky dude! HAHA.. [:

; the aunties and the niece
- i`ll always love u gals no matter what!

Caroling ; at MCD
- oh i so love this picture of us! [:

; && featuring the niece and aunt
- sharon u go girl! stay who u are k.. ILY

and before december ends i would jus like to thank everybody in making my 2007 a memorable year.. all the ups and downs i`ve been through this year will only make me a better person in year 2008! i hope u all too have learn something in this year and bring it forward to next year to make it as nice as this year!

but as for us babies of 1991! u can play hard but do remember to study hard as well.. next year`s gonna be a year full of grrrrr.. STRESS! hahaha..
take care and all the best people!

; much loves from me!

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