Wednesday, January 02, 2008

welcome year 2008

okays first of all..
i would like to wish you people out there a

- may the year of the rat bring u luck and wisdom! lol.. i sound like an old grandma.. haha

i spent my new year`s eve @ yan's place..
but before that i went to gurney in the morning to meet up with

; sharon leow
- my dear niece!

we were supposed to have our so called family reunion with joyce but in the end joyce couldn`t make it and it turned to be our youth camp group [aishiteru] reunion.. HAHA..
well it was only me.dantan.sharon for lunch.. haha.
after that i went to walk with sharon alone and we did have loads of fun!

; the next shop


; Esprit

and after when sharon left, she also left me alone with 3 of the guys. GOSH..
then we got bored and decided to sneak around G-Hotel.. haha..
and then watch them guys play snooker and went to buy fruits and off to yan`s place.
and i have no comments bout this new year [:

; the host-est
- it has been like 2 weeks since i last went to her house! haha

; the sister
- well actually i rock and she stone. hahaha

i haven`t been sleeping well this holidays.. my time are all messed up.. and due to that, i had very little sleep last night and my oh-so-kind mom decided to go for lunch today where i was supposed to sleep in.. and we went to eat japanese food.

; this explains all the wine bottle`s behind me
- i can see my sleepy face!

&& when we all came home.. everybody in my house decided to go to bed! how nice.. u could have imagine how quiet and peaceful the house was w/o me my mom and grandma screaming from upstairs to downstairs! hahaha..
i have to go out tomorrow because i'm gonna be a very busy girl again.. grrr..

and on sunday after church i had no idea why but i so wanted to go to gurney.. haha..
so daniel teoh took me and ming yen to watch national treasure..
and in kim gary we were so blur k.. cuz them ppl were talking cantonese.. darn funny.
and the show was being a retard by starting so late.

; so we decided to vain! haha..
- look at those mad people!

den he droped me home and at night we the CON'fusion dance crew had to perform for bahasa service. even thought all of us was so scared! but i think we did a really good job.. we for sure did better than youth camp! hahaha.. [:
expect more dances from us.. planning in progress i hope! haha
there are more pictures with chairs.. will post them up when she sents it to me.

; on the way to church.. the sun lighting was so nice!
- it`s becuase I ROCK!

; see! the person who assumes i`m her bolster!
- but i still love u lahh!

; we`re all grown up!
- my face is so pink cuz of the reflection of the shirt!! haha

; jie and mei!
- i love talking to u babe! keep rocking on for GOD

&& presenting
the guys and gals i love lots!

; CON'fusion dance crew
- it`s been fun and great dancing with u all! rock on

and after the service had a surprise for yan @ church and then went to coffee bean with ming-y and varsha.. it was fun dat night.. we of cuz as girls took loads of picture.. but it all with ming! hehe.. so hold on until she sents it la..

; the both of us = Y.A.N
- Yan And Nicole? hahaha! :D

ok dat`s all i wanted to update for now..
take care people!
and do continue to keep those taggies rolling!

much loves from me! <3

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