Thursday, January 03, 2008

Form 5 baby!

ohmygosh! i still can't believe that i`m actually in form 5 now.. may i repeat it to you, FORM 5! this number actually brings the chills down my spine and all the horror is released! can u jus imagine that i`m actually gonna be sitting for yet another major exam this year that is SPM in like another 11 months or less! GRRR..
and to think of it, i haven`t even studied a single thing during the holidays! haha..
well lets all just pray that this year nicole will actually become some nerd and decides to sit down and study and not fall asleep.. [:

; yes we are fifth formers now!

and today was not a very nice way to start off my first day of school..
first thing is me and joyce are not in the same class!! grrr.. no more talking..
and then my class stinks! as in seriously.. i`m gonna bring an air freshener there.
and my-oh-so-kind classmates elected me as some stupid monitor when i actually told them i don`t want it since last year!
i tell u ah.. i`m gonna be the world`s laziest monitor! u jus trust me on that! HAHA!

; them babes of Fusion-X

since everyone has done their new year's resolutions, i shall do mine now too!
lets hope i manage to complete it this year.. [:
#1 be a good daughter to my parents!
#2 i promise to STUDY HARD and not to sleep so much in the afternoon
#3 to go out less after my birthday
#4 treasure the trust and friendship i have with people
#5 never give up in doing things so easily [add maths. LOL]
#6 score STRAIGHT A`s for spm, doesn`t matter if it`s 1 or 2
do NOT FAIL my driving test.. wish me luck.

; spot the only 2 vain pepole! haha..
-makan time b4 d dance

my classmates this year are ermmm? i have no comments.. well at least i still have jocelyn to keep me company and we still can talk bout our badminton stuff!
i jus pray that they don`t give me problems le.. cuz now as monitor, everything will be blamed on me?! like what theeee... HAHA..
well GOD has already planned it.. [: so i shall trust in him to guide me though this year!

and i still can`t believe i`m a SENIOR in my school..
i`m already feeling so old.. now we have no more people to complain our problems too in school but people come and complain to us.. grrr!
i`ve never imagined myself as a fifth former..

; my fellow ephraim-mites
- cell group will be already starting this week!

and do u all actually believe that i can like drive soon!
i know it`s hard to believe.. but i`m trying my best to believe it too! haha..
oh and this saturday i finally decided to go and hear some dude talking bout road safety! LOL..
thank god my friend is following me.. or not i shall blur there alone.. [:

; khai sin looks scary here!
- or might i say ermmm? hiao! LOL

there are only 4 things i'm looking forward too this year..
  • MALAYSIAN OPEN 08 - but this stupid lin dan is not coming.. grrr!
  • My 17th Birthday
  • All the HOLIDAYS
  • Last day of SPM after the last paper!
; after PMR results outing
- ananda bahawan

okays dat`s all bout my update o my first day in school..
i doubt i`ll be updating any time sooner..
mom`s being such a fuss by asking me to study!

; at coffee bean

; 3/4 of CON'fusion
- charis & dixon & justin + samuel

; the girls!

have a blessed 2008 people!
take care and all the best.
ILYa`ll <3

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