Sunday, January 06, 2008

my dariling niece`s!

i`m really blessed to have such a wonderful family!
i really am.. as each and everyday passes by, i thank god more and more for my mom, dad, brother [surprised? he`s not that bad la!] and grandma..
well i`ve like grown up with them and stayed with them in the same house for 17 years!

and besides that, god has also blessed me with 2 wonderful niece's! [:
i`m really happy that i finally became an aunt..
the joy of seeing babies smile!

first i was so super excited when i heard my cousin from australia was going to have a baby.
then i still remembered that day when i came home from school and my dad was like, "u jus because an aunty" and i was like "huh? wad u talking about?" den he went "oh ur cousin got baby girl d lah"
i screamed until the whole house could come down and faster called him d le! haha..

; baby angeline yap!!

; the oh-so-happy family! so darn cute la!
- baby angeline. che che susan. koko kelvin

and then later on, god decided to bless me yet again with another addition to the family..
yes my other cousin gave birth to another baby girl..
oh gosh! there are too many baby girls d!
where are all the boys?! grrr...
but no matter wad.. i`m still happy cuz this time my niece is like half "ang mo"
:D :D :D :D :D :D


; baby lara kaylin howard!
- i LOVE her name and her too!

; the family! [:
- baby lara. che che janice. uncle? [i dunno wad to call him! haha] leigh howard

i just can`t wait to see them now and hug them and hold them in my arms!
oh this is gonna be fun!
i`m gonna see baby lara during chinese new year but angeline i have no idea when.

and oh yea, my other cousin is also currently having a baby in her stomach! HAHA..
let`s all pray that i get a nephew now..
i really do want a baby boy!
*fingers crossed* [:

; their dearest aunt! hahaha!

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