Friday, January 25, 2008

all i can say is.....

that i am so freaking BORED!!!

; my editing skills have become better! HAHA

so i decided to make this post short and sweet

first thing is that i'm not currently busy dog sitting
yes i repeat DOG sitting and not baby
i always get stuck with all these things , and last time i had to grandma sit
when can i ever baby sit?

oh well my time will come soon yea? LOL
well i`ve dog sited this pretty lady before when she was jus a puppy k
her "family" are down in NY cuz they wanna move there and they can't bring her down till they've found a place to stay and settle everything

; miss bubbles the pretty dawg!

u know now i kno the reason y my mom doesn't let me have 2 dogs.

**bubbles + toby = makes nicole go crazy

how m i supposed to give the same attention to the both of them?

toby will end up getting jealous if i hug her and she will get jealous if i hug toby
&& she leaps on top of toby and toby loves to bite her.. LOL
so much drama happening here!

and this is a post dedicated to my pretty chica


; the one thing most of you will agree with me is that she's HOT
; she's from denmark
; yes another badminton fan and know's most of the players
; friendly and sweet!
; yea she's my sister from another mother and i love her too bits
; hope too meet up with you soon syg!

; mr darn good looking cai yun & miss super pretty yannie!

okay dat`s all for now people
there`s KOREAN OPEN going on now
take care
nicole says ;

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