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of malaysian open

; miss TAN is back and darn tired

malaysian open 08`

18th January ; Friday - Quarter Finals
left the house like so friggin' early in the morning. as in seriously early. i bet most of u were still in dreamland at that time. mom tried to get me up like a million times. showered, last minute packing again and went to fetch jocelyn.
took some small little plane ; firefly to KL
arrived at some deserted airport [NO we didn`t land in KLIA but at subang]
went to eat klang bak kut teh while those ppl ate nasi kandar i brought in for them
arrived home and SLEEP!
cousin got home and dropped us off at mid valley, but there was nothing to shop

; in the car on the way back from MV

so came home after lunch and went to sleep again and off to the stadium.
aunt was asking me for direction.. wth? as if i knew where it was. LOL
finally found our way there.
was feeling pretty much excited

; got some invitation from the datuk
- && the best thing is that it was FOC

then went waling round the stadium like some fool jus to find the bangers
din wan to be stupid like last year clapping with our hands. haha.
it was a whole lot of fun screaming and meeting them players once again.
oh yea met up with my KL friend

; Ng Mei Yen

; HAHAHA! guess who? i was like sitting so friggin' close to the korean team
- after he won his match.

we were actually sitting quite close to them some of the teams,
but we just had to be so FAR from the
China Team

; jocelyn and her idea of me taking pictures of him
- thank god for camera's with zoom!

the matches finish around 10 smth, den called my aunt to take us home.
and we went to asia cafe to eat!
and we met the China Team coach there! LOL

went home and we were supposed to do our karangan homework
but we were too darn lazy! HAHA
so we deiced to vain a bit before washing up
den put our mask we bought and went to sleep!

; it's good that we have each other

; dun`t mind her big her..
- concentrate on mine behind! HAHA

19th January ; Semi Finals
got to pig in today until 11 smth cuz that match only started at 1.30 p.m
aunt took us to go eat lunch near her house
reached the stadium on time, but the match was already going to start
and we all like siau ppl ran to get our bangers and to out seats
cause my sayang was playing the first mixed doubles

; england vs korea
- and of cuz won lah! it's because i was screaming like mad

the security in the stadium this year had become so much tighter.
where 1 guard was stationed at every door
and even the place we used to sneak in had a guard standing there
like as if it was a bank or wad.
all we jus wanted to do is meet the players.
oh well, i didn`t bother much.

; i know we look like crazy girls
- it's because we got up too late to actually tie our hair nicely

i was so damn sad during this match because they lost!
i nearly cried k. if i was at home ah, i sure make a lot of noise d one.
but as i was in the stadium i had to learn to control myself! LOL
and we were sitting so close to where to players came out from
dat`s y it was FUN!
but they were so close yet so far from us!

; Cai Yun & Fu HaiFeng - China

- the best MD pairing!

;OMG! u can drool all over him i tell u!
- the best looking ever. cai yun =

and after all the matches finished, we yet again had to wait for my cousin
so this time, we decided to walk around the stadium
and to our surprise, there was no guard at the back entrance
so we decided to go down! HAHA
but wad`s the point, all the players went back d.

; HAHAHA! nobody's inside.

oh but we did see Tony Gunawan and watned to take a pic with him,
but so kesian him lah! he wan to balik kampung d and everybody was surrounding him trying to get a picture with him.
den me and jocelyn being so kind din wan to kacau him lah.
&& he jus lost his match.. hehe

after dat we walked out to wait,
and guess who we saw

; Koo Kien Keat

nicole : KKK! , can we get a picture with you?
KKK : sure, but faster yea i`m in a rush
nicole : oh ok? where u going?
KKK : going out for dinner
nicole : *snaps the picture* ok thanks
KKK : thank you

ok i have seriously NO IDEA as to y did he say thank u to me?
HAHA.. oh well..
btw his car is damn nice k
yea smth like dat! LOL
den my cousin came and took us for dinner ; tai lok mee!
came home wash up and went to play computer!
and off to bed!

20th Jannuary ; FINALS
i dreaded getting up this morning!
aunt forced us to go to church 1st service
and it started at 7.30 a.m!!
dragged our butts out of bed and tried to keep our eyes open during the whole service k!
cousin dropped us home and was supposed to sleep but ended up watching heroes!
den cousin + girlF took us to the stadium so early,
but as already my sayang was already warming up. so i gotta see him!
everybody came and the match started.
during the WS half way din wan to watch cuz crowd was getting darn irritating by treating zhu lin badly!
so i gave up and decided to walk around with jocelyn and mei yen.
saw some korean players at the makan place.

; Shon Seong Mo

damn funny lah he! and mei yen was so kind to teach me how to speak korean but i din dare talk to him lah ..
but i wanted to know where yong dae was. and mei yen so kindly ask for me . HAHA
and he talked so fast like anything!
den went in to watch the match again and come out during Chong Wei's match cuz we knew there was not gonna be alot of ppl outside and the players might come out.
oh well i din get to meet my sayang but i did meet

; Lee Jae Jin

he was indeed a very sweet person!
and i think me and jocelyn were too friendly dat he even looked at us when we were walking away! HAHA.. he's so nice
after that we deiced to go in and watch the matches d.

; aiyoh! warming up also can talk talk talk!
- Zhang JieWen . Yang wei . Zhu Lin

i bet u, u could see us on TV cuz we were sitting at the place where the players come out from.
cuz I suddenly got an sms from debra
" i think i saw u, u`re in yellow and ur friend in pink rite?"
oh well at least some ppl saw us.
and we were sitting right behind hendrawan and he's such a sweet person!
we called him and he turned and he smiled for us.

; he's a friendly man i can say!

and meanwhile this was the TINA girl who beat zhu lin.
well i dun`t like her.
but since she was right in front of us and walked up to us, i got a picture with her and her autograph.. so much for not liking this person and getting everything of hers

; she injured her leg.. and ki hiao with her boyF in front of us
- ang mo's! aihhhh! HAHA

oh yea this is so unfair!
mei yen seems to have a lot of fate with him

; them both!

nwy`s i really had loads of fun these past 3 days with them people!
i din even get to watch the MD final finish
but oh well! cai yun / yong dae was not playing

; they are both older than us! LOL


okays dat`s all bout my updates on malaysian open
take care people!

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