Thursday, January 10, 2008

birthday shoutout

As i`m being such a good/best kindy friend here, I would like to make a birthday shout out to :

- family night

so here`s a special thank you for all the things u have done for me :

● always being there for me whenever i need u
● being so kind to listen to all my wonderful "stories"
● driving me around even if u have to come all the way down to my place
● teman-ing me when i`m BORED! haha
● keeping me entertained!
● being the best kindy friend a person could ask for
● just being who u are! =)

and also thank u for reminding me with all the memories of our past in kindy.. it was sure fun to listen to it all over again! hahaha..
imagine us being so small and innocent and doing all these things..
  1. copying me during colouring exams! terrible! and copy me summore get all wrong cuz y? we din read instructions! HAHAHA..
  2. me buying twisties for u with paper money? how sweet of me!
&& i can`t actually remember d.. but seriously, thank u for everything.. i`m sure GOD will use u in a lot of way.. be a blessing to others yea and do ROCK on for God because remember that he loves you..

take care and all the best in everything u do sir

<3 ; the one and only nicole TAN

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