Sunday, January 13, 2008


hello people i'm back yet again..
i know i said i wouldn't update so often but everytime i come online i seem to want to update my blog. i have no idea why..
but blogging is like a must when i come online or when i'm bored!

; read your bible and pray everyday!
- sword drill : AYC 07

as u all know my mom went to singapore with my dad a few weeks back for check up and i really thank god that he's completely healed.. i remember when i first heard my dad had cancer i was like asking God, "WHY ME? of all dad's u jus had to choose mine?" and just after we taught we could take a rest after my grandpa was called home.. this problem jus had to happen!
but i think God has made me a stronger person, as in to believe in him more and dat's y today my dad is healthy again and free from cancer cells! yay.
i still remember when he was in the hospital one day, and "mr. S.A.TAN" decided to come visit him.. u know it was because of God that my dad is still here today! as in my dad seriously saw a dark figure coming to try and take him away.. and after school i came back my mom was like "i`m going to the hospital now.. ur dad is very tired and sick" . i jus straight went up to my room and started crying and praying hard..
i really just couldn`t imagine not having a dad at this age! and not at this time in my life..
but, all things are possible by GOD!

ok dat was really random.. i jus taught of sharing it with ya'll to show u dat God has blessed me in so many ways. oh yea and after my mom came back from s'pore she bought bacon and ham back as it`s so called cheap there.. LOL
&& now everyday i`ve been eating this :

; bacon.ham.egg.baked beans.toast
- so ENGLISH! but it taste damn good

&& last sunday i was supposed to go swimming but in the end, everyone went to bed at home. grrr.. so sweat la we all.. but at night my mom was jus too kind to take us all to the club.. and this time was my bro`s turn to sign. but it's on his own account la! LOL

last night before cell i dropped my mom off at the hair dressers so she could go and perm her hair. and after cell finished, we went to fetch he back and she was not ready. like wat the? and it was already 11.30p.m! aiyo! so we had to go in and wait for her to finish doing her hair.

; && this is wad i did while waiting
-thank god for camera phones!

and as time filed, i got more irritated and frustrated as when she was going to finish, so i decided to "sinp" of some of my hair. HAHA..
i`ve always wanted to try having short hair but mom wouldn`t let me.. so i took this time to cut it since the hair dresser was there..
at first she told me "cut off the ends only la k". den i was "like don`t WASTE MONEY!" haha.. u should have seen my mom there, she was more sim thia then I as my hair was being cut. LOL..

; the end result
- ermmmm? comments

and we only left the place at 12ish.. HAHA.. can become like 7/11 d the shop.. [:

today we had like our so called family bonding time.. lol.
we decided to go for lunch at autocity today since none of us has actually been there.

; yes it`s me!

ate at some japanese restaurant, which the food sucked and it was so expensive.
after that as i was being so kind, i chia-ed them swensens ice cream..
then since we were already at butterworth, mom wanted to but biscuit home for grandma at simpang empat..
travelled there and bought the biscuits..
and going back 2 BLUR people got us on the road leading to ipoh/KL.
oh how smart of them.. they went to turn into some place and we realized that we were going the wrong way.. but thank god there was an exit. hehe.

when we reached home it was already like 4.30! sweat..
wad a long lunch we had? HAHA..
and when i got home i got a package from my friend in australia..
YAY! i've never actually gotten one of these before.

; how nice isit to see ur name on a package! [:

and oh yea..
i`ll be leaving to KL with jocelyn on thursday after school to watch badminton!
Malaysian Open 07
thanks to my aunt, now we have to sit a bus down there all by ourselves! ish!
but it`s all worth it cuz i get to ponteng school to watch the quarters! [:

; Gao Ling - CHINA

it's still gonna be in bukit jalil stadium.. thank god.
and this time my uncle got me season passes. so dat mean we can walk anywhere. HAHA..
no more sneaking in and getting caught by the guards :D
but stupid lin dan is not coming. RAWR.

dat`s all from me now
i guess i'll update bout my KL trip the next time.
take care and god bless!

; nicole <3

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