Thursday, February 07, 2008


i'm guessing u all already know what time isit rite..
biggrin Chinese New Year

it's the time where ;
* all us kids or rather unmarried people gets the red packets while the parents have to give it away.. HAHA
* we get to dressed up with new clothes
* we can eat and until we get fat. rolleyes [but go on diet after that lah! HAHA]

oh well jus hope u all had a yummy reunion jus now! because i sure did have.. the taste of steamboat again was really good.. but not the feeding mosquitoes part though.. i hate them! but it's all so worth it.. damn full now i tell you [let's hope i can still fit into my CNY clothes tomorrow]
and on saturday will be going down to KL to collect more red packets! and i'm gonna get to see my baby niece.. can't wait!

besides all that,
as i'm feeling real bored now,
here's a short update about everything

last saturday, i went for badminton in the morning with my school people and u will never guess that i'm joining MSSPP with and playing double's with jocelyn as my partner and we like have to go coaching every saturday morning now! [laugh all u want people ]
after i got home rest a short while and then had to go to church for meeting for the May 30th event [Rebels For Christ] and i'm the "finance controller"
den after meeting van came and took me out! [thanks so much darling] and we went to gurney for dinner @ food loft and we chatted a whole lot.. i was nice to finally get to see charlene again! den had to come back for youth but due to traffic jam and the rain we arrived late.
we celebrate the february babies birthdays and when youth finished, we had our cell leaders meeting [me.tania.joyce.sharon] w/ eunice lee @ haagen dazs!
we should have more meetings like this.

; chocolate fondue
& they gave us 2 sides of chocolate!

met up w/ eunice cousin's and aunt there too!
and we also ordered this flower smth ice cream and while eating it, suddenly sharon was like screaming "ewwwwwwwww! there's a hair in it" it was totally yucks k.. plus we summore eating until so syiok and it was about to finished. so we went to complain and yea they gave us another plate of it again for FREE!
it was really fun jus sitting down and talking w/ them people!

; the oh-so-yummy flower thingy

and on sunday, went to church den came home and went to queens w/ mom, dad and aunt.. there were so many people there lah. really dun't like to walk in places like that. mom went to shop herself while i did my own but due to the lack of time i had there, i only managed to buy one top from topshop and rushed home to go for floorball @ MBS.. yes it is a very tiring game
indeed! but it's fun lahhh..
and after i worked out so much, andrew dropped me home i showered and went to queens again! cuz aunt chia-ed us to Dragon-I and yet again i ate so freaking much!
well u couldn't help yourself especially when it was all so yummy.
wanted to meet up w/ joyce and jud but spent too much time eating.. HAHA..

; this deserts are amazingly yummy

, went out to gurney w/ joyce and abel after ed-board meeting.
went to watch mad money.. stupid show lah. jus dun't watch it.. teaching ppl how to steal money from a back.. LOL! we wanted to watch the eye cuz according to abel, jessica alba's in it so yea.. but we had no time..

-btw thank you andrew for buying for me that shirt! LOL

den dad came and took us to rifle range to meet up w/ alex and ppl to go and visit people's houses and bless them with ang pow and food.. i was really touched by them lah! CNY is a time of giving too k.. not only christmas may i remind ya'll!

; see! so damn cute lah!
- an aunty from the house has them

today in the morning went to gurney with jocelyn to meet up with mei yen who's down here for CNY.. it was fun lah.. we went to watch the game plan which was a really good show! and during lunch it was so funny k.. imagine 3 of us sharing a bowl of noodles cuz we had so little time! HAHA.. but it was fun.. thanks for a gr8 day ladies.. and i came home to sleep!

; currently missing my long hair! HAHA

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