Wednesday, February 06, 2008

she finally updates

hey humans.. as i've promised, here's an update about my ;

27th Jan 08` ; 17th birthday celebration

before that, came home from church and straight placed my butt on the sofa so i could watch my badminton ; Korean Open.. [so far worse super series of 08`]
it was so funny lah, the more "kin choing" the match got, the closer i got to the TV till i was right in front of it screaming my head off!
oh well after that during the women's singles jocelyn came to my place and i went to wash up and there we were sitting in front of the tv watching the men's doubles and cheering like crazy ppl cuz cai yun;fu haifeng was playing! HAHA

after that everybody came and parents took us to nagor lane for my Golden BBQ Steamboat! as for now i`m too lazy to talk! HAHA.. hope picutres will do u good..
oh and this year i din even get a single cake for my birthday! swt

; the people who were specially invited!
- woan shing ; zhu lian ; julin ; su quin ; jocelyn

oh and smth darn funny happened in that day! as usual su quin was being damn blur.

[jocelyn walks in with the butter and passes it to zhu lian]

jocelyn : nah, zhu lian take one
su quin : ehhhh, i also want lah!
zhu lian : oh u also want isit?
su quin : yeaaa! i want the JELLY also!

LMAO!!!! ppl talking about butter she talking bout jelly..
i swear we laughed
damn hard after hearing wad she said man! GOSHHHH!

; look at the amount of food we took! HAHA

we were seriously so stuffed w/ too much food cuz them humans jus kept taking and taking and taking! and they mostly dumped everything in the soup.
ohgudness me! this means we have to finish everything.
but our stomaches were seriously gonna burst d.
and guess wad we did? HAHA
we stuffed the food under the tissues or overcook to meat until it was black

; my dear sister and me!
- p:s // look wad the sign behind us says ; APPRECIATE YOUR FOOD! haha

after makan time was for sure vain time..

; we heart ice cream!

; people whom i treasure loads!
-princess JJJ - simone

; woan shing .jocelyn . julin
- 2005 . 2001 . 1998 [year of friendship]

; group picture!
- iya'll

after we were all so darn full,
it was time to leave the place and decided to walk to New World Park
and on our way there, julin & su quin got high and started singing
all the way there k. aiyoh..
guess wad? it started raining when we reached there! LOL!
but thank god it stoped.
and so chun my parents were @ starbucks drinking coffee!

; short ----> tall.. LOL

; being gila as usual!

; my parents are seriously THE BEST as i can say
- thank god for them

; the camera`s always watching you
- so won`t you strike a pose?

; the char bo i knew since ever
-born in same hospital k.. under the same doctor! LOL

; i really dunno wad made us take this picture. HAHA

all in all i really had a super time with my girls!
thanks u people!
u never fail to make my birthday's a memorable one!
love ya'll babes!

and on the real day
28th Jan 08'
my oh-so-kind ko's and mei + sarah took me out for my birthday lunch!
after school, Le Roy came to fetch me and den went to fetch yan from school.
her school finished so freaking late and my stomach was growling like mad k.
went to New World Park again to eat at Passions Of Kerala ; banana leaf
came back home and sleep and went for physics tuition at night
wad a fun birthday i had this year! HAHA

; yannie and me! :D

and know i would like to thank everybody who wished me!
appreciate everything ya`ll did.
and thank u to those to gave me presents
i'll always treasure the friendship we have!
take care
nicole says ;

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