Wednesday, February 13, 2008

my CNY 08`

hey people, my chinese new year 08` was rather boring
nothing much happened except for the fact i went down to KL
seriously! it's jus not the same anymore
trust me, it gets worst ever year
cousins are so much older now and therefore less fun to play with. HAHA

so on the 3rd day, after mom came back from work, we headed down to KL
as usual dad drove us
and it was a rather LONG-TIRING journey there
the traffic was so bad
reached there around 6-ish den had to get ready for dinner w/ dad's side of the family
and dinner was sucky, the only thing dat was nice was the yee sang!
after dinner went to my cousin's house to see the baby

ok to admit, that was the only fun part of the day. LOL
and yes she was as cute as i had imagined
she had a bit of her mom & dad's look
the mouth was for sure from the TAN side of the family but those BIG BEAUTIFUL SPRAKILING GREY EYES were from her dad..

; that's my baby niece

; part of the TAN family..

; she means this much of love to me!

after that, she was getting sleepy
so my cousin put her to bed
stayed @ my cousins place till around 2 smth a.m
and on the way back, dad decided to go and eat tai lok mee!
i kno, i being such a good daughter teman-ed him to eat
2nd day there was pretty much of walking around window shopping
and went out for dinner w/ cousins at their restaurant @ the GARDENS
dinner indeed was yummy!
pictures with my cousin. will post them up when i get them
on the way back i finally got to eat my nga choi kai and pa cham kai man!
this is good :D

currently need to stop bloggin and start studying for exams

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