Friday, February 15, 2008


just now, went to buy my school monitor's uni which is like the prefects.
cause my friend gave me one pair and i wear that to school like everyday!
HAHA! after i come back, i have to straight away wash my white blouse d.
my maid will go mad one day! :D
and after that, i decided to bug my mom to take me eat my ice kacang @ new world park because the weather was so freaking HOT! aiyoh.
and when we reached there, i suddenly heard
"tong tong chinagggggggggggggggg" [not exactly like dat lah! HAHA]
and i knew it was the lion dance so we stayed and watched.
since i missed the one i was supposed to watch in jocelyn hose on the 2nd day of new year. but cuz i woke up too late the lion dance left when i reached! haha..

; the colours were really nice!
- purple and green!

and it was so darn memalukan to watch this w/ my mom beside me!
u know when the lion dance did this :

;sorry for the blur images. stupid hp cam zoom

on this thing here

; the poles!

my mom started screaming like nobody business!
i had to take my hands and close her mouth ok.
it was seriously so loud.. thank god only the auntie beside us looked and giggled at my mom! HAHA.. but trust me.. it was seriously damn funny.
u know why she screamed?
it's becasue she's scared to see ppl do things like dat. she scared they might fall or wadever!
aihhhh.. dat's my mom! lol

; the end
- i bugged mom to call the lion dance guys to come to our house next year again!

after that i finally went to buy my lovely ice kacang.
it's so nice to finally eat it after so long

- the post on top explains why my cousin bought for me this for my birthday! :D

school has been filled w/ laughter each and every day
because of my crazy friends.
u all are real silly girls who never fail to make me laugh so much.
zhu lian ; simone ; jocelyn ; janice!
u gila girls. can become clowns d lah!
and for jocelyn a pig!
HAHAHAH! *oinks*

until then, take care people!
i <3 you

; currently LAUGHING MY ASS OFF of the silly things you people do!

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