Saturday, March 01, 2008

stressed released

okay. updates as i've promised that will come A.S.A.P

exams are always a pain in the BUTT! seriously.
who ever liked the idea of examination? pffttt!

but after 3 stressful days, as i wanted to go home and relax,
we the committee members of our school co-op had to stay back for a meeting.
which i had no idea of wad they were talking about at all ok!
all i jus know was there was going to be food at the end.. HAHA
food is all that matters :)

and today, i spent my whole afternoon w/ this crazy lady.

; she's the clown.. haha

after her lunch, her mom picked me up @ my place to go over to her place.
the reason i went to her place was because we all too stress w/ exams d and needed to release them by watching a movie.
so we ended up watching ; The Game Plan
well i've already watched it in the cinema the last time w/ jocelyn and mei yen, but i taught it was a really good show.. touching and it made me tear *sob*

; .sisters for life.

after the show had ended, she went to bathe and i sat in her room lying down on the bed self-vaining.. her phone is a good S.V device. HAHA.
so we sat on the bed and chatted a whole lots and laughed a whole lot too.
times like that are always so friggin' fun! i jus wished it would never end.
and u know every time i visit her house i sure will come back w/ things.. and yes today i came back with the one tree hill CD's and orangeeeee bangles! `wheee!

; it's true that i.heart.her

oh yea people, here are some of the pictures that will make you
laugh your ass off!
well it almost did to mine.
i was laughing so friggin'ly hard i forgot to breath for a moment.
enjoy them pictures.

ohmyGOSH! did u guys laugh as hard as I did? :D
trust me, this is where boredrem gets you too.
btw, the people involved were me ; joyce ; zhu lian
so now u all can go and guess which's eyes, mouth and nose are who's!

i have not stopped laughing yet until today when i see those pictures.

; my darlings
- tobyTAN the pig @ bubbles the goat

and cell group today was awesome despite the fact that i was so tired and had a headache when i went for cell due to the lack of sleep i had during exams.
.DARN, you exams.
pastor came today and shared to us about our ;
well, everybody was so interested about it and so was I
it was loads of fun

if you all want to find out wad your temperaments are,
you can CLICK HERE
seriously try it out!

i took them test in shiau xian's house and these are my resutls ;

okays. BIG HIGH-5's to all those sanguine-choleric people out there.
so wad ya waiting for?
quickly go.
click click click and find out what you are!

and on other matters,
tv's most watch program goes to

; American Idol - Season 7

oh yea, i'm like totally into it now because i only want to watch


like OMG! he's damn cute and he's young!
and he's a shy boy.. aaahhhh!

ok dat's all i have to update for now.
till next time people!


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