Saturday, March 01, 2008


poeple! here are the pictures form my cousin's cam which I so love
sorry for the flashback to 3rd day of CNY @ KL
enjoy :D

; welcome to the TAN family + new addition baby LARA

; my parent & baby.. bad baby pepole. HAHA
- dad doesn't know how to carry babies , mom scares them! LOL

; my two lovely cousin!
-Che-che Emily Tan Hui-Len & Che -che Janice Tan Ai-Len
* dat is why i had to have len behind and got stuck w/ Gek-Len. YUCKS!

; and their husbands
- one daddy and one soon to be daddy!

; nicole and daddy
- quote : like father like daughter :D

; people i've lived w/ for 17 years now and still counting!

; my cousin's ROCKS!
- do we look alike? abit?

and of cause not forgetting the center of attention!


oh the cuteness! :D
nwy's do continue to scroll down to read my new post yea.
and dun't say i din update!

i sound so old going for these things.

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