Wednesday, March 12, 2008

back with updates

.me and myself in my own little world i call home.

hey people, sorry for the major lack of updates. it's just that i'm so lazy to update my blog when i come online cause i'm so busy now a days.
school as usual sucks big time..
since after exams ended, we were all so busy w/ my school raptai sukan and all that. everyday in school like some crazy girl running here and there, PLUS i have my monitor's work to do. oh i'm such a busy lady. HAHA.

&& last friday was our first raptai sukan and we all had to march, and later on when we wanted to practice, it drizzle a bit and we still were marching under the stupid little rain drops.
well i think my blue house did really good.. let's all pray we can do better during sports day. gosh i can't imagine this is going to be my last sports day.

.blue house march pass members 07.

and DARN those rangers.. memalukan man!
it was fun scolding them.. HAHA! i know evil us. but too bad man, it's pay back time.. well even though i never got any scolding from my seniors before :D
when i got home, the water from my nose just kept running down. GRRR! jus when holidays are coming i just had to be sick..
i think i used 2 boxes of tissues d.. this is wad happens every time i get my flu.

.meet my best friends in times like this.

on saturday. i din go for training in the morning and youth cause i caught the fever and mom didn't want me to go out and pass it to anybody.. dat's so kind of her.. HAHA. but i thank god that there was badminton; ALL ENGLAND that week! so i stayed home, relax, watch badminton and filled my dustbin with loads of tissue papers.
england is like 8 hours behind us and the semi's only finished around 1 smth in the morning

. *sighss* irresistible.

sunday, mom forced me to get up to go to church. ate lunch w/ aunty ban leng and family and pastor kenny and aunty irene at the coffee shop near church. after that, i was suppose to go for the australian education fair with zhu lian but then she was still in ipoh and i din wan to go alone so i stayed home.
as i was about to sleep, jocelyn called and asked me to go and train with her.. it was nice but those stupid irritating little mosquitoes sucked too much of my blood that day. i know lah i sweet! no need to keep biting me rite. aiyoh!
after training, we went to eat MCD choc sundae., yummies.. came home, took my shower, eat my dinner, rest, painted my nails and "shooed" my bro off the TV when it was 8.30 p.m
watched till around 2 smth in the morning cuz they just had to put my sayang's match the last! GOSH!

.men's singles champions - superb match.

guess wad, on monday i had to get up so early just because i had tuition at 7.45 a.m.. my teacher lah. and darn, was it freezing cold there and i was sitting right under the air cond.. *shivers*.
after tuition ended, a few of us [me, zhu lian, jocelyn, su quin, pei yen, shin ye, hwei yuin, yi lin] walked over the other side just to eat dim sum! you should see those "3 8" ppl how much food they took. as if they have no eaten dim sum before.. HAHA. as usual we were to nosiest table.
came back, i slept till 6 smth and woke up just to go for another tuition again.

.no we did not eat siu long pao.

yet again i had to get up early on tuesday thanks to my stupid undang exam which i finally decided to take after 1 month. HAHA.. those driving school ppl are mad. they asked us to reach there by 8.30, but we only left at 9.30.. thanks god simone and grace was there.. tired the questions again and again den left for gembira to take our exam.
it was damn scary ok.. they called my name i went in, did those questions, and jus before clicking the "KEPUTUSAN" word, i prayed that i did not fail..
and yea god is good.. me and simone got the same brains ok. got exactly the same marks [48/50 k] aisheh!

after i came home, we all went to queens after that. well din manage to watch any moive. this is sad. i'm so ketinggalan with all the movies now.
no time at all ok. and mom want's me to study this holidays which i'm trying my best to do it.. just a few minutes and i'm doing other things d.. HAHA.

. sisters for life ; badminton freaks ; doubles partner .

and today, went to help my teacher to do the SPM Results again, and we did follow her to PPD to take the results again. we won't be doing it next year d cause it's gonna be our turn. shucks! when we got the envelope, we were all damn excited ok.
my school did good this year. i'm proud of them.

2 sisters got 12A's

and as for straight A1's,

5 humans got 11 A1's
and 1 got 10 A1's

congrats to all you people..
GOSH! i want my results to be like that next year, 10 A's or 9 A's also i happy sial d.
ok. must STUDY now.

currently ; needs motivation and study and feeling damn scared bout SPM

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