Friday, March 14, 2008

thank you

. the beach . the girls . the joy . the memories .


wants to say a big big big

thank you

to miss

Charis Ow

for fixing her dumb blog

. my little sister .

while i'm at it, here's a shout out too all my little sisters and niece who i appreciate and who are there for me in times of trouble and when i'm down jus to cheer me up. i really thank god for them. i know that all the ups and downs we've been through will only make our friendship stronger. keep the fire burning for him girls. he has given u wonderful talents so use it properly k! love ya girls <3

. always and forever .

; joyce lim sze yuen . jocelyn khoo lee mei yin . charis ow phui yan

; chew yan-y . vivian chee hui en . sharon leow hsin yuek

badminton training going on tomorrow again! need to get my footing right! DARN. learning from tv is sure confusing. i focus on their game more than i do on their footwork. HAHA! oh well still gotta learn. comp less than 2 weeks from now.
i do it because i love badminton, not only watching but playing too!
so ppl out there, pls do pray for me and jocelyn ok! i know it seems weird dat we all are playing in MSSPP but nobody wanted to do it :D

; currently in little miss sunshine mood

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