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.sports day 08`.

. as we go on, we remember all the times we had together .

* this post is to be edited w/ more pictures *

hey people, as I've promised, here's my update on my school's

. Sports Day 2008` .

i slept so early last night and due to that, i had to get up as early also. so there is really not much of a difference.
jocelyn came to fetch me and we had to be in school at 6.45 a.m but when we reached there, there were so little ppl and everything wasn't even done yet. u know how worried I was, and we had to gather at the field there at 7.30 a..
and as usual being monitor, i had to do so many things like taking attendance and all that.. GRRR! back those days, I just had to stay in line while other people do it. hehe.
ok, finally everything was done and all we jus had to do was line up and talk and vain! :D

. pictures compliments to rachel syg .

. i'm back there. dun't forget me .

after we had finished marching, we had to line up and recite the usual sports day oath.
"bla bla bla.. dan meninggikan lagi nama SMK CONVENT GREEN LANE"

. together we are one .

and after that, those babies of 93` had to do aerobics.
damn cute lah all of them
i could not help but jus to laugh and smile every time i see them doing the "senaman" and shaking their butts! HAHAHA

. shake it, shake it, just shake it .

and while those people who were on duty could walk around the field w/o getting scolded, them normal students had to stay in the "kandang" and support their own respective houses from there. aiyoh so kesian. LOL

. each house had their own theme and decorations .

but as usual, I whom had no duty jus curi-curi to walk out and pretended to help my fellow rangers. and this in turn resulted in vaining session. HAHA.. we were so darn bored ok. and besides that, i din run this year and i'm sort of regretting it as this was my last and final year of sports day. oh the sadness! :(
but oh well, it's all pass now. but dun worry i might be coming back for next year's sports day. dat's if i dun have any other things to do.

. socks and me ; <3 her .

. she's the girl - adelene .

. miss drama queen - sarah hanis .

. the SISTER - joyce lim .

. miss high pitch voice - tiffany tan .

. red is hot and so is she - rachel .

. DOUBLE is trouble - jocelyn khoo lee .

. and this is why we do NOT like to take pictures w/ her - jenny wong .

. this is us . accept it - rachel & sara .

. poor me and sok wah, well tiff ain't that tall either - acting ; HAHA .

. the best you never had . friends like them are precious .

and then finally the pizza came, although i din order, i still managed to curi some from jolene! HAHA. thank you. i pity those runners who din get to it. it reminded me so much of me last time when i din get to it.
:D :D :D :D :D

. yummies ; i'm satisfied, HAHA .

. the captain and me - florence .

after that, i started cheering like some mad person again for my dear blue house members. but i guess all of them did their best. a big congrats to all them yellow house runners. unbeatable man. everything also get first. aiyoh. HAHA.
this is the reason why i cheered so much after recess

. blue and red - 1 point difference! OHMYGOSH .

and we the blue house ppl are so kind to help them green house tarik tali ppl to cheer for them. and as usual if i cheer means they sure win one. and they did. so darn happy ok. and then it was blue house turn to pull against yellow house. and this time i did scream like some mad person gone loose from jail ok.
i screamed till i had no voice to even talk.
gosh it was all worth it bacause we won. happy!

. them ladies are fun to be with .

after that, we all had to get ready again to march for the closing ceremony. but before that, there was the sukaneka. HAHA! it was really so cute and funny to see the teachers and parents participating in the events.
ok now let me introduce you to the funniest teacher on plant earth
my sejarah teacher who we all love to bully. HAHA

. pn HOOI .

ok as soon as that finished, we all marched back to our respective places and yea everybody came and joined in as well this time for the closing ceremony of our sports day 08'
the whole field was so noisy w/ CGL students. HAHA.

. my friends - 100 m run .

and after everything, they announced the results

. look for yourself .

and yet again yellow emerged as champions for i have no idea how many years running and blue as usual the runners up! i'm happy we got 2nd placing.
but as for marching, i guess all our hard work paid off.
we got first place ok! HAPPY sial man.

. joyce is and intruded from green green rubbish bin ; HAHA .

besides that, we also got the highest marks for our tent decoration.
so all in all i think blue house is still a champion.
but no matter what, to me sports day is a day where every one deserves credit for all their hard work and they are all winners!
and everything ended w/ our oh-so-famous sports girl lee julin saying the words

"hip hip hooray"

with all of us humans repeating it for 3 times

. we are all winners - CGL-ians .

. united we stand . divided we fall . - blue house 08`

. julin's lil bro ; colin - he's like a superstar in my school ok .

. my junior ; xing ying aka AH MA! haha .

. i am the champion my friend ; i'm PROUD .

. dun't laugh! it was very heavy ok .

and after everything ended, i had to help my sayang janice ooi to become MPPPP and clean up ppl's mess.. ish u ppl.
so funny i tell you eveything we see we throw even ppl's half eaten pizza and socks! yes socks. so those w/ missing socks go find janice! LOL

. picture compliment to sok wah :D .

. see lah! i so syg my friends i run to red house. HAHA .

i came back home and bathe and straight hit my sheets.
too darn tired to even do anything. LOL
oh oh! but not one thing i do best.

. V to the A to I to the N .

ok people dun ever remind me of sports day anymore or i'll seriously shed tears in front of you. i'm warning you..
i miss my friends . i miss the times we had . i miss the joy and fun and laughter . i miss everything there is to miss!
* breaks down in tears *
knowing that this was my last sports day.

currently ; wants to turn back time!

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