Sunday, March 23, 2008

a very good friday indeed

. the sunshine-ness in me .

I'm feeling kinda bored right now so i decided to blog
I gotta tell you guys that I am getting utterly lazy!
as in doing my school work to house chores [not that i always do them, HAHA. but oh well] to exercising to study and yes even blogging.
GOSH! i'm becoming one lazy ass man! :D
but since u oh-so-kind readers come to my blog to actually read what i have to say i guess i have to say sorry for the major lack of updates now a days.

indeed I was a very busy girl.
woke up in the morning and waited for miss chee lee to come to my place and after that Julin's mom came to fetch me from my place and the audelia and yes we had to go all the way to sungai ara jus to fetch miss lim chiew wen! GAHHH.. round the island we went. haha.
after that, we landed ourselves @ new world park for my girl's early birthday celebration.. so went to manhattan fish market for lunch.
[more pictures will come soon]

. happy birthday to YOU . <3

&& after eating, we decided to walk around.
and can u imagine what else is there to do there except for to vain?
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
so we did exactly that. like some sampat ppl only ok. LOL

. that smile will never fade away .

. nobody's perfect .

. friends are forever , boys are whatever .

after we contaminated the camera w/ all our lovely smiles,
we were yet again hungry and went for ice kacang!
w/ ice cream and fruits. YUMMIES!
and audelia was being her usual self! BLUR as always
we were talking about food and suddenly pasembur came into the topic

chee lee ; oh u know where has the best pasembur? GENTING.
nicole ; r u sure? i think the padang one nicer lah.
chee lee ; yer. i don like the padang one. got weird taste
nicole, chee lee, julin, chiew wen ; *looking blur* huh?
chee lee ; dun't tell me u mean genting highlands ah?
audelia ; OH! HAHAHAHA

all of us burst out laughing like mad ppl.
gudness me.

den julin's mom came to fetch us back and she came to my house to get the pictures from last time since we rarely see each other online.
her lil bro came in too because he didn't want to stay in the car
and i think this dude and lady did a good job keep him entertained. HAHA

. who let the dogs out? *woof woof woof* .

. the little one .

after they left it was my time to leave the house too.
to tuition of course..
i'm jus getting use to going for tuition's on friday afternoon's again.
well I still think add maths is dumb.
wasting my brain cells.
came back home eat dinner and then off for cell.
it was a combined cell w/ them manaseeh ppl @ debra's residence cause this time we did something different.. we played scavenger hunt. it was fun indeed. i went there quite early and then when it reached 8.30 i was like
den debra suddenly reminded me,
"isn't in like in shiau xian's place today? it's not the fourth week yet"
my reaction :O
"shoooottttttt" *quickly takes the phone and rings shiau xian up*
thank god they live near by. HAHA.
the oh-so-famous blur nicole tan! :D

sharon did worship and we kick everybody out to the garden because joyce came late and we din get to set up anything at all yet.
so she and tania did the ice breaker

. and who many i ask is prettier? HAHA .

. combined cell people. awesome! .

and after that they came in, gave them the clues and off they went. and while they do that, to keep us occupied, we did this :

. the SISTER .

. the NIECE .

. three is enough please .

. treasure the moments we have together .

okay that all about my good friday
cheers. see ya'll soon!

xoxo ; little miss sunshine
oops i mean LATE! :D

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